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First Class upgrade - poor FLL-ORD F cabin service

First Class upgrade - poor FLL-ORD F cabin service

Old Jul 31, 18, 7:32 pm
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First Class upgrade - poor FLL-ORD F cabin service

I was flying from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago and had the opportunity to upgrade to first class for around $100. I figured it would be a nice way to start my short vacation. I boarded the flight and sat in my seat which was 1C. Boarding lasted for about 20 minutes. Usually during the boarding process and prior to departure, the flight attendant working first class will offer the first class passengers something to drink. Didn't happen. In fact, the flight attendant didn't even come back to see if any of the passengers in first class needed anything. As soon as we cleared the gate, the two flight attendants sat down and begun chatting about what they had been doing during their layover in South Florida. After take off, the two flight attendants continue their conversation for close to 25 minutes. Sitting in the first row, I could see and hear what they were talking about. It wasn't until someone in first class rang their flight attendant call button that they actually got up. They were both disturb that someone had interrupted them. They finally got up and came through and started to provide the service. Just for clarification, there was no bad weather and the flight was smooth from time of take off. The flight attendant asked everyone what they would like to eat out of the three choices and what they wish to drink. Everyone in first class got their drinks and meal except me. The flight attendant attending to FC was in the galley area so I got up and asked about my meal and got a rude comment back from him. A minute latter he brought out my meal. Got very little cabin service after that as he and the other two flight attendants were having a great conversation in the front galley and couldn't care about anything else.
I have flown first class before and this is not the normal treatment. I had the opportunity on the way home to upgrade again but was a bit leary because of the experience I had on the way up. This time it was totally different. I had barely sat down when the FA came over and asked if I'd like something to drink. She was attentive to all the FC passengers right up to prior to take-off. Within 5 minutes after take off, she was back getting everyone drinks and provide great service throughout the entire flight.
It's a shame that AA doesn't have better quality control when it comes to customer service.
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Old Jul 31, 18, 7:39 pm
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Welcome to FlyerTalk.

It’s not the norm, but it can occur, obviously. Did you get a chance to provide AA some feedback? It sounds like these two were burned out. (Twitter DM to @AmericanAir is a good way to do provide service feedback - the comments go into the employee record.)

You can also contact AA Customer Service with positive feedback or complaints by using the email form here.

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Old Jul 31, 18, 7:42 pm
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Usually I get a survey after flying. This time I didn't so no I did not leave any feedback. Wish I could have.
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Old Jul 31, 18, 7:47 pm
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Originally Posted by sflfire View Post
Usually I get a survey after flying. This time I didn't so no I did not leave any feedback. Wish I could have.
You don't need a survey to provide feedback. Contact AA via their website and provide all the pertinent details. Things cannot get better unless management knows of the issues.
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Old Jul 31, 18, 8:13 pm
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Sorry to hear of your experience.

I would tweet AA as I do and their response is quick.

That being said $100 is a pretty good TOD price. Was there a full meal service? What was the aircraft?
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Old Jul 31, 18, 8:15 pm
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Thank you for the suggestion. Didn't know you could.

It was a breakfast flight. The upgrade was $127.91. Not sure the plane but I think it was an Airbus. AA 2777 from FLL to ORD.

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Old Jul 31, 18, 10:47 pm
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I'm just surprised there were 3 meal choices FLL-ORD!
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Yuck, what a bummer of a service. Welcome to Flyertalk, though!
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Originally Posted by sflfire View Post
Thank you for the suggestion. Didn't know you could.
If you use the "Contact Us" form on the aa.com website, and include your reservation & AAdvantage information, you'll actually get a response (crazy but it works). As EXP I typically get a response within a day or two. Odds are if you send in a short complaint about your (legitimately) bad experience, they'll give you at least a $100 voucher or 5000+ miles. And hey, you still had the larger seat and the meal, so if you get some sort of compensation (which I imagine you will), you'll both be made whole and be helping to crack down on lazy FAs, which does a service to all of us ^
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Old Aug 1, 18, 4:17 am
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This doesn't sound that atypical of domestic F on AA (or others), frankly. One flight out of ten? Two of ten? The days of non-stop solicitous service on U.S. carriers ended decades ago. Complaining may get some miles but, IMHO, will do nothing to change the behaviors. AA has 24,900 mainline flight attendants. Do you think they terminate employment for anything other than addiction issues with any frequency?
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Old Aug 1, 18, 5:34 am
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On the DCA/LAX runs, which I do nearly monthly, pre-departure drinks rarely happen.
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Same thing happened to me two weeks ago - ORD-RSW. FA came around and confirmed my pre-ordered meal and did the same with the person sitting next to me (3E and 3F on a 738). Our drinks and the nuts came but she then skipped us and served everyone else in the cabin. I finally caught her eye and asked if she forgot something. She immediately recognized her mistake, apologized and service was good thereafter. I would not have reported this to AA because she just goofed and corrected the problem while apologizing, but I ended up adding it to a complaint I filed about a chaotic boarding process where literally 25 people with kids (none in first) swarmed the priority lane and the GA let them all board ahead of CKs and Group 1. They even knocked aside a person in a wheelchair who should have boarded first. That was disgusting. Now that I am playing the free agent game more and more, I do have to say that UA's boarding process at ORD where there are 4 or 5 lanes is far superior to the often chaotic AA process.
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Something similar happened to me on a flight from ORD-CUN, but since then I have had nothing but great experiences in first. Sadly some FAs just don't like their job and premium customers suffer. Overall I would say the majority of the time that I get phenomenal experience outweighs these lulls.
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Congratulations on the ugprade!

With over 27,000 flight attendants, professionally trained for safety and hawking on-board credit card applications, there are a few that aren't representative of the overall quality of customer service. Never an excuse but important nonetheless, being a flight attendant can be a very physically and mentally taxing job and perhaps a little reminder from AA can help re-establish those expectations for your two FAs.

Despite the service shortcomings on your flight, hopefully they still made made time to complete their Barclay carnival pitches.
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I couldn't get past the 3 meal choices ... Lol
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