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Questions for 2018 about, guide to, listing of, compensation (master thd)

Questions for 2018 about, guide to, listing of, compensation (master thd)

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2018 Questions about, guide to, and listing of, compensation (consolidated)

Welcome to the "2018 Guide to, and listing of, compensation" thread!

NOTE: If compensation is not generated automatically (occasionally, it will), you will want to contact American Airlines Customer Relations. See Contacting American Airlines Customer Relations & Complaint, Issues (master thread).

In keeping with tradition, we'd like to ask members to report their compensation in the following format:

  • Date
  • AAdvantage Status
  • Fare class
  • What happened
  • Compensation
  • Comments
Please, do NOT post names of non-management employees, in accordance with FlyerTalk TOS (q#69) "Respect the privacy of non-management travel service employees by not referring to them by name."

JGR01 has created a spreadsheet parsing posts in this thread from 2003-2007, available for download here

AA's official policy regarding compensation for delays, cancellations, and diversions is as follows (thanks to tom911 for posting):

American Airlines will provide customers at the airport and onboard an affected aircraft with timely and frequent updates regarding known delays, cancellations and diversions and will strive to provide the best available information concerning the duration of delays and to the extent available, the flight's anticipated departure time.

We are not responsible for any special, incidental or consequential damages if we do not meet this commitment.

When cancellations and major delays are experienced, you will be rerouted on our next flight with available seats. If the delay or cancellation was caused by events within our control and we do not get you to your final destination on the expected arrival day, we will provide reasonable overnight accommodations, subject to availability.

In extreme circumstances, it is possible that a flight will cancel while on the ground in the city to which it was diverted. When this happens you will be rerouted on the next American flight with available seats, or in some circumstances on another airline or some other alternative means of transportation. If we are unable to reroute you, reasonable overnight accommodations will be provided by American, subject to availability.

American will provide amenities for delayed passengers, necessary to maintain the safety and/or welfare of certain passengers such as customers with disabilities, unaccompanied children, the elderly or others to whom such amenities will be furnished consistent with special needs and/or circumstances.
• The U. S. Department of Transportation's official policy regarding compensation for delays or cancellations is as follows (thanks to hillrider for posting):
Contrary to the belief of some, airlines are not required to compensate passengers for “damages” when flights are delayed or canceled. Compensation is required by law only when you are “bumped” from a flight that is oversold. Airlines almost always refuse to pay passengers for financial losses resulting from a delayed flight. If the purpose of your trip is to close a potentially lucrative business deal, to give a speech or lecture, to attend a family function, or to be present at any time-sensitive event, you might want to allow a little extra time and take an earlier flight. In other words, airline delays and cancellations are not unusual, and defensive planning is a good idea when time is your most important consideration.
Flights to/from/within Europe carry specific compensation rights, as outlined at: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/passen.../en/index.html

Also see (FT) EC261 / EC 261/2004 complaints, compensation and AA (master thread)

(The other compensation threads are archived and closed, but can easily be accessed for reading here:

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AA Forum Moderator Team
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[deleted-wrong forum]

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Originally Posted by Hergertarian View Post
Traveling SIN -> SFO -> SEA (one PNR) as a 1k. I was originally booked for a Saturday morning flight, 1k phone agent offered to put me on Friday night flight to get me home earlier. After the call, I get a text that the Friday night flight had been delayed for 14 hours, leaving ~3 hours after my original flight. After an hour, 1K desk was unable to put me back on the original flight or on a partner flight, or really do anything.

Would you all ask for a bump to business, points, or something else? If points, how many?
From AA? Zero. Maybe they'll be nice and get you United's Premier phone number
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Flew MIA-CUR 3 weeks ago. First time flying AA (using my IB miles from that promo ). Scheduled to depart at 12:30ish pm.
Mid-boarding (group 6) they announce that boarding has to stop as "Ops called and said the plane needed a tire change". 40 minutes later boarding continues, everyone settles in. Doors didn't close for about 10 minutes, and then captain comes on saying "We've got 3-4 tires that are borderline and if we skid a bit at CUR they might be illegal to fly on. We'll start replacing these but it's gonna be a few hours".
Everyone gets off the plane and they announce they've ordered snacks to the gate. 20 mins later they announce we'll switch over to a different plane. Walk over to the new gate, departure times set but nothing's happening. Half an hour later they just push back the departure by another half hour. (at some point it was "time: 2:16pm , departs: 2:15pm"). Around 3:15pm captain walks out - timed out.
New crew comes around and we push back at 4pm, arrived in CUR 3.5h late. New captain apologized for the delay inflight and suggested to contact CS to "make things right".
What compensation could I expect?
Was stunned by AA's incompetence in regular maintenance and plane scheduling - the (original) plane sat on the ground for quite a while before the flight to CUR. Horrible at keeping the pax informed, too. Oh and those snacks never came around.
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Maintenance Mishaps..

I would appreciate some advice regarding my contact with customer relations last week. I am losing my patience and am trying to tell myself to just give this some more time but I am feeling ignored.

Last Monday my husband and I experienced a maintenance related delay on a flight from FNT-ORD that would cause a misconnect for our ORD-CLT flight . We were on two separate tickets but were both rebooked for the next day on a GRR-CLT flight. We were both checked in and had boarding passes for the new flight and the AA app had updated to show our new flight. We made our way to Grand Rapids from Flint and later that night when I went into the app just to peak to make sure our flights were still good (I knew CLT was still dealing with some weather related delays) I got an error trying to pull up my reservation - I could see the ticket but couldn't open it. I proceeded to check the AA website and found that my ticket was gone. I immediately called and spent another hour on the phone to resolve the issue. Thankfully, there were still seats left and I was able to be rebooked on the same GRR-CLT flight but all I kept thinking was how stressful it would have been to find out at security the next day that my boarding pass wasn't valid and then finding out my ticket was cancelled. There is a very good chance that most non-frequent flyers wouldn't have caught this before the airport and then it could be too late to get another seat that day. I was lucky that I figured it out and didn't just assume the app was having problems. My husband's ticket was not cancelled. The agent that re-issued the ticket could see that I had been marked a no-show on the FNT-ORD flight and that is what led to my ticket cancellation. He seemed just as confused as I still am as to how this happened because he could also see that my ticket had already been rebooked for the GRR-CLT flight before I was marked a no show and thus I shouldn't have still been listed on the FNT-ORD leg.

Anyhow, I was frustrated and given that our previous trip with AA also had a delay that required rebooking (it was crew related and not a crew time out due to weather) my ability to just write this delay and mistake off was gone. As soon as I got home, I wrote into AA to express my concerns, displeasure and to ask for compensation. I also asked that my EQMs and EQSs be adjusted to reflect our originally ticketed routing (this does make a difference as the originally ticketed routing earned me 4 more 500 mile upgrades this year). My husband sent in a complaint about an hour after me, leaving out the ticket cancellation part since his ticket wasn't cancelled.

Some background info- I am AA gold and my husband has no status. The only time I can recall complaining to AA was 2.5 years ago on a delayed flight LAX-CLT, paid first class, my seat was broke, and the flight attendant was nasty when I tried to ask about it and continued to be nasty the entire flight.

Series of events with this complaint:
1. I e-mailed in early afternoon Tuesday 12/11
2. My husband sends an e-mail about an hour later
3. My husband hears back within a few hours and has 7500 miles posted to his account immediately
4. I hear back on Wednesday morning and I am offered 10000 miles or $175 voucher. The e-mail apologizes for the delay and for the fact that I was only given a single $12 meal voucher to cover the 3 additional meals I was away from home but it makes no mention of the accidental ticket cancellation. The e-mail does kindly offer to give my husband the same offer if he e-mails and requests it
5. I e-mail back immediately, I stated that I would prefer the miles. I did mention that I didn't particularly find the compensation reasonable considering that this was the 2nd delay in 2 trips and also due to the ticket cancellation which caused additional stress but I did not ask for any further compensation. (These two delays have cost us a lot of money and I don't expect to recuperate that from AA but I do think they should know that what they offered doesn't even come close.) I did also state that I wanted it understood that I was actually more upset about the ticket cancellation than the delay and though I don't need an explanation I do want to know that someone looked at it to try to see what happened so it doesn't happen again (was it computer error, human error or both). Finally, I asked about the EQMs being modified to original routing as he had not mentioned that request. I did ask if I needed to put in a separate request for that. I have not heard back since this e-mail and the miles have not been posted and nothing has been adjusted.
6. At the same time I was replying, my husband replied to his e-mail asking for the same 10000 miles stating the e-mail that I received offered this to him. He also asked again about the EQMs being adjusted. Within a very short time, he had a response, the additional miles were posted and his EQMs/EQSs were adjusted.
7. On Friday, I responded again just asking to be sure that my e-mail was received and mentioning that I was only concerned that the miles hadn't been posted and the EQMs/EQSs hadn't been adjusted as this had happened immediately for my husband.
8. On Saturday night I tried asking the Twitter team, explaining that I was concerned because my husband already received his miles days before - they told me that customer service would reach out very soon
I still have not had a return response and I still don't have the miles. Before now, I was frustrated and upset over the situation but not mad. However, as each minutes passes I am getting far more upset with AA and getting much closer to the point of anger. I would not actually be surprised or concerned that this hadn't been resolved yet if it wasn't for the fact that it was resolved so quickly for my husband. Considering that my husband has absolutely no status and his ticket didn't get cancelled - this just doesn't make sense and doesn't sit right with me.

So my questions-
Is this normal for some people to have to wait to get the miles posted while others have it done immediately?
Do you think that these miles will eventually post without me doing anything else? Or do I have a reason to be concerned?
How long should I wait before trying to reach out again?

Thanks for your input!
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