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Compensation for new ticket on Delta after AA cancels flight?

Compensation for new ticket on Delta after AA cancels flight?

Old Jan 3, 18, 3:45 pm
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Compensation for new ticket on Delta after AA cancels flight?

American Airlines cancelled my flight yesterday, 1/2, from PHL to SAV due to "field operations." They later claimed it was weather related. AA did not offer any other flight options for 1/2. I was told the only available flight was the next morning on 1/3. I informed the telephone agent that I had to be in SAV for work on 1/3 and that flights would likely be cancelled on 1/3 because of an incoming sleet/snow storm in SAV. I knew I would be stranded by AA in PHL so I decided to purchase a separate ticket on Delta Airlines from PHL to SAV. It was very expensive to say the least, but I got home on 1/2. As it turns out, the rebooked AA flight on 1/3 was cancelled the evening of 1/2 due to weather. When AA sent out the cancellation notice for the 2nd flight, it did not offer any other flight options. I contacted AA about compensation for my Delta ticket and they claimed no compensation was owed because they "rebooked" me and I made the choice to buy the ticket.

Has anyone successfully dealt with a similar situation? I am just out of luck?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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You can get a refund from AA for the flight that got cancelled. But not for the DL flight
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The only compensation that you are entitled to is a refund for the canceled AA flight. You chose to buy a new ticket on Delta so they will not (and should not have to) offer any compensation.
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If you used a credit card with travel delay protection for your AA ticket, you can potentially use that to claim (part of) the difference in price. That's what I've done in the past.

As others have said, AA will likely refund you your ticket but not pay for your DL ticket.
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I had a similar issue when American canceled a flight on me. Because the next flight was scheduled for the next morning I asked American to rebook me on a United flight. They did and provided me with a ticket number on United. I show up at the airport the next day at the United counter and the ticket agent found the reservation but would not provide a boarding pass because "American did not pay for the ticket". After much back and forth, including United calling American, the United rep told me that I was considered a "Rule 240" reticket and that American should have paid for the ticket - but they did not, so I wasn't getting on the plane. This was one of those, "had to get there" type situations and the United ticket agent told me they only way I was getting on the plane was if I bought a ticket. Worse, the only seat remaining was a 1st class seat. Screw it, I thought, I'll take it up with American and scream until they pay for the flight. I bought the 1st Class ticket.

I later take it up with American and they're like, "no, we did everything right - you were indeed a Rule 240 passenger and United should have let you board with what we did for you. So, in other words, take it up with United." Ok, I go back to United. I call United customer service and they said, "yep, yep, we see where we screwed up. Sorry about that." I'm like, great, how about a refund on that ticket I had to buy on United. The United customer service agent directs me to their webpage where I can request a refund. Ok, I guess I can do that. It comes back a week or so later declining the refund. I call United again and start getting the run around.

Screw all that - I call Amex and dispute the charge. They went back and forth with United and United apparently did not answer the inquiry from Amex in a timely manner. Amex refunded the money. Pretty sure it was more about them not being timely vs. United thinking I was in the right. I got my cash back and was happy.

I tell you all this to suggest that what you should have done is asked AA to rebook you on another carrier. They're not obligated to do so (check their conditions of carriage below), but if they do, everybody seems to understand what Rule 240 means and if the flight was canceled for their convenience (vs weather), they seem to genuinely want to help. It took about ten seconds for American to agree to rebook me on United when I first asked for it - note that I had to ask vs. simply accepting their "Hey, the flight is canceled and we've booked you for the next day" kind of thing.

Delays, cancellations and diversions

American Airlines will provide customers at the airport and onboard an affected aircraft with timely and frequent updates regarding known delays, cancellations and diversions and will strive to provide the best available information concerning the duration of delays and to the extent available, the flight's anticipated departure time.We are not responsible for any special, incidental or consequential damages if we do not meet this commitment.When your flight is canceled or a delay will cause you to miss your connection, we will rebook you on our next flight with available seats. If the delay or cancellation was caused by events within our control or you were diverted to another city, and we don’t board to your final destination before 11:59 p.m. local time, we'll arrange an overnight stay at your connecting airport, if available.In extreme circumstances, a flight may cancel while on the ground in the city it was diverted to. If this happens we will rebook you on our next flight with available seats, on another airline or some other alternative means of transportation. If we are unable to rebook you, we’ll arrange an overnight stay, if available.If the delay or cancellation is caused by events beyond our control (like weather) you are responsible for your own overnight accommodations, meals and incidental expenses. American Airlines agents may be able to help you find a hotel.If you decide not to fly because of a flight cancellation or a major delay, you can request a refund of the remaining ticket value and related optional fees.

Having said this, if they do rebook you on another carrier, they'll generally follow the what used to be call Rule 240. My investigation of this issue (albeit very limited) seems to indicate that the insiders at the airlines all know what you mean when you say "Rule 240". When I called United back and said, "Hey, American said I was a Rule 240 passenger and you guys should have honored my ticket" the United customer service rep absolutely understood what I was talking about.

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AA wouldn’t have protected you on DL anyway, since they no longer interline tickets with each other.
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DL won’t accept a Rule240 endorsed ticket from AA because DL thinks AA fares are too low and DL only gets the original segment value as revenue.

However, DL will accept a FIM from AA which gives DL prevailing rate revenue.

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Originally Posted by Colin View Post
DL won’t accept a Rule240 endorsed ticket from AA because DL thinks AA fares are too low and DL only gets the original segment value as revenue.
That's not how it works. Reimbursement rates are negotiated within the interline agreement.

Delta and American end a deal to carry each other's passengers - LA Times
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