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JDiver 2017-10-14 09:07:50

(Wikipost) ARCHIVE: SWU giveaway (strictly freely given - no quid pro quo)
SWU / Systemwide Upgrade Giveaway

NOTE: This is the archived thread of obsolete SWU giveaway posts. Please see the current thread:
SWU giveaway (strictly freely given - no quid pro quo).

Members who do not read and follow these rules will have their posts summarily deleted.

Please familiarize yourself with these ground rules. Posts that do not conform to these rules will be summarily removed (without notice to the poster).

AA: "Upgrades are void if sold or advertised for sale for cash or other considerations. Members may designate another passenger to use their upgrades."

  • Asking for SWU passes is not permitted! Donors will post here, and members are welcome to communicate via PM from there. If you don't see an open request, don't ask for one.

  • In order to comply with AAdvantage T&C, SWU must given freely, with no strings attached. Requests for money or any other consideration, whether in the clear or via PM, are not allowed.

  • Out of respect of our generous donors, please follow their instructions and contact them with the information they request.

  • Donors can ultimately make the choice of recipient (tenured/contributive member, longer flight itineraries, international vs. domestic, etc.).

  • Recipients are solely and entirely responsible for the payment of any fees or taxes associated with the use of a gifted SWU (e.g. United Kingdom Air Passenger Duty).

  • This thread is NOT for the discussion of ethics, entitlement, or nomination of charities/groups as recipients. (Donating instruments for use in charity auctions or as prizes is prohibited by AAdvantage T&C.)

  • If anybody offers to sell, buy, barter or trade SWU by PM, please contact the moderators immediately, as this is a violation of AAdvantage and FlyerTalk rules. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Thanks everyone!

~AAdvantage forum moderators

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