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IROPS "IRROPS" - OSO, Weather, etc. Affecting AA Flyers (master thread)

IROPS "IRROPS" - OSO, Weather, etc. Affecting AA Flyers (master thread)

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Wiki Link
American Airlines Travel Notices and Policy, Resources etc.
(OSO / Off Schedule Operations, System IROPS / Irregular Operations, Weather, etc. affecting AA flyers)
Please expand and read this wiki for resources; see links below to critical IROP resources.
NOTE: Though many in the forum use "IRROPS", e.g. UA, the correct AA term is "IROP" or “IROPS”.

"When severe weather or other uncontrollable events impact your flight and travel dates, you may be able to change your trip with no change fee." (aa.com)

Link Link to AA PDF "Schedule Irregularity (IROPS) - Travel Agency Guidelines – 001 and 037 tickets"

As of 30 Sep 2017, if you are affected by OSO / IROPS you may be able to rebook yourself using "Dynamic Reaccom" the AA app, a kiosk or on AA.com. See this post for further information.

NOTE: This thread will be regularly archived to allow more recent OSO issues to be listed. Older posts from 2018 have been archived to ARCHIVE: AA OSO, IROPS / IRROPS, delay, cancelation etc. resources for 2018

Posts pertaining to delays and cancellations go in Flight [xx] Cancellation / Delay / Diversion etc. on [date] 2018 (consolidated)

AA Travel alerts

Link to AA Travel Policy / Travel Notices, including existing Weather Waivers

Relaxed change fee policies

How to change your trip (also see "Dynamic Reaccom" above and post #2)

When severe weather or other uncontrollable events impact your flight and travel dates, you may be able to change your trip with no change fee. (In some cases you might have to pay a fare difference.)

If a travel alert affects you, you may be able to change your trip online if:
  • You booked on aa.com or with American Airlines Reservations
  • Your travel is within the U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Look for the 'change trip' button to see if your trip is eligible. If not, please call to change your trip.

Look up your trip and see if you have the ‘change trip’ button to change it online.

Look up your trip

OSO Resources and Tools, Links

Link to AA Travel Policy / Travel Notices, including existing Weather Waivers

Link to AA travel exception policy for travel agents (now withdrawn from being downloaded by the public)

Off Schedule Operations special numbers (We have verification this number is still in service for widespread IROPS.)

AA OSO (Off-Schedule Operations) Phone: 1.800.843.3447 (THE EGGS) For those flying AA currently.

Originally Posted by guv1976 View Post
The most-recently reported OSO number is:


(That's my mnemonic for remembering it, but that is the number to call when your AA flights get "scrambled.")
(Updated June 2019 thanks to guv1976 and verified by Uzzar)

(Only if you are affected, please! Only staffed during OSO events.)
Twitter: @AmericanAir can help. Send them a request they follow you so you can send them DM (Direct Messages), then you can send them your AAdvantage number and EP status,which they can add to their profile on you. Then you can DM them privately with your PNR etc. (You must have a Twitter account.)

Link to Federal Aviation Administration OIS national airspace system status & delays

Link to FAA Air Traffic Control Command Center Advisories page

Link to AA cancelled flights on FlightAware

Link to "Misery Map" USA from FlightAware - see where it's miserable now

Link to North American airport weather delays (FlightStats)

Link to U S airport delays (FlightAware)

Link to cancelled flights (today, to two days out - FlightAware)

Link to FlightAware "Misery Map")

Link to USA Weather Service website

Link to FT thread on PALL List discussing priority for passengers in IROPS, etc.

Thread with alternative numbers (wiki) that can be useful during IROPS: Long wait / delay / hold times for Customer Service / EXP, etc. lines (consolidated)

Link to "AA Protection for OSO / IROPS / IRROPS / Misconnect on Separate AA / oneworld Tickets" thread.

Link to FT Original Routing Credit thread

Link to thread: 2015 AA Travel Notices & Policy, resources etc. (OSO, system IROPS, weather, etc.) (pre-merger forum)
Link to 2017 Guide to compensation thread.

For FlyerTalk Glossary, select "Help" menu at top of page, select "Glossary"

Link to FAA list of aviation terms and abbreviations

Link to Wikipedia list of aviation and aerospace Terms and abbreviations

Note: Normally weather waivers allow no changes to origin or destination, but a number of members have optionally been so accommodated; new dates must be within a few days of the original booking. If your plans are totally hammered (missed my meeting, cruise, etc.) or is interrupted and you can't continue, try the phrase "trip in vain" for cancelling and refunding.

Weather (or other "force majeure") caused delays such as FAA ground holds, etc. will generally not gain payment for overnight hotel accommodation or hotel vouchers.

NOTE: Basic Economy fare holders ARE entitled to reaccommodation on other AA flights without requiring B fares, according to recent announcements. 23 Aug 2017)

Other ways of contacting AA reservations:

Look up your trip and see if you have the ‘change trip’ button to change it online.

Look up your trip

Link to listing of USA other language than English lines.

Call us
 Within the U.S.
 Language Phone Hours (CT)
 English 800-433-7300 24 hours, Daily
 Spanish 800-633-3711 24 hours, Daily
 Japanese 800-237-0027 6 a.m. – 12 midnight, Daily
 Mandarin 800-492-8095 7 a.m. – 12 midnight, Daily
 Portuguese 866-824-8717 6 a.m. – 7 p.m., Daily
 Hearing & 800-543-1586 24 hours, Daily
 speech impaired
Link to worldwide reservations phone numbers.

From outside U.S. can call AA headquarters 1-817-963-1234, use voice menu.
Try Skype or Skype WiFi or other methods of calling if your mobile will incur significant charges.


Q. If I'm on an AA award or ticket but the flight is operated by another airline, whom do I call in case of cancellation or IROPS?

Prior to the day of travel, call AA (do so as soon as you become available of changes); on the day of travel, you can call AA but it's appropriate for the operating carrier to reroute and assist you.

Q. The operating carrier canceled or changed my AAdvantage award flight so I'll miss (event, connection, etc.)

AA can change you to AA flights regardless of award seat availability, but they can not force partner airlines to do so. AA may attempt to request the other carrier accommodate you, but the request will be with the carrier's Liaison with AA and may take some time.

Q. When is AA obligated to pay for Hotel in OSO / IROPS?

See this thread with that title.

Q. I’m stuck in xxx for the night! Where do I go now?

Start by reviewing the options (hotels, sleep facilities, lounges, ad hoc sleeping in airports) at http://www.sleepinginairports.net.

Q. Gd received my upgrade prior to OSO, now I’ll have to change flights.

A. If your upgrade was confirmed and from a SWU or miles and copay, AA will attempt to preserve your upgrade if seats are available for sale on AA or JBV partners AY, BA, IB and JL, rarely on non-JBV partners. If your upgrade was a CK-EXP-PPro courtesy upgrade or from e500 “stickers” AA will not likely preserve your confirmed upgrade.

Related issues

NOTE:This thread will be regularly archived to allow more recent OSO issues to be listed.

Posts from 2019 can be seen in the ARCHIVE thread here.

Posts from 2018 can be seen in the ARCHIVE thread here.

Posts from 2017 can be seen in the ARCHIVE thread, here

Older posts from 2016 and prior can be seen in the ARCHIVE thread, here

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Originally Posted by two_roads View Post
Does anyone know what happened to AA87 today? Reasoning given as delayed inbound, but tracking yesterday evening showed the inbound flight to be from PHL and that one landed early this morning.
261 or not? that is the question.
Here's what Expert Flyer says:

LHR 1215P
2ORD/PRE1050 *2228

Looks like they may have used your original inbound as swap for another flight and delayed yours.
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JFK weather looks like its going to be fun this evening.

My SFO-JFK is currently delayed 2 hours and likely more.

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FAR-DFW-MCI Thursday. 1st flight delayed, 2nd flight disappeared, 3 flight cancelled due to pilot timeout, 4th flight 9pm the next day, 5th flight standby 9am, 6th flight 10am.

The lounge access provided via the Citi Executive credit card proved to be of extreme value. The lines at the customer service desk were hundreds of people and three representatives. The lines at the lounge customer service desk were tens of people and three representatives. As a rule the lounge agents are the more competent agents. 4 lounge agent at DFW were visited over the course of the two days. Zero options existed online. The DFW-MCI segment disappeared and the lounge agent booked me on a separate ticket.

I am curious if AA deposits bonus miles into the account at some point in light of the issues. Nothing to complain about so to speak. The $12 food voucher doesn't go very far. The Comfort Suites DFW isn't a nice motel. Despite the issues the situation didn't leave me particularly traumatized...
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Does anyone know what's happening with AA 107 (LHR-JFK)? Scheduled at 5:00pm. Monday's flight took off 7:00am Tuesday, and Tuesday's flight anticipates the same delay.
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American Airlines 1773 from CLT-TPA originally scheduled at 10:21PM on 6/23, which then got delayed a few times, finally cancelled right when I got to the gate at about 9:30pm. (FlightAware shows the cancellation date as 6/24). There was no information on the displays other than "CANCELLED. Use the app or website to rebook," no gate agents anywhere around, and a 4 hour callback queue to reach somebody from customer service. The app was showing flights, but every time I tried to grab one, it showed UNAVAILABLE. Some internal mechanism then rebooked me the following day at 5PM to Sarasota, so I was then not able to even select new flights even if they were available. After standing in line for an hour, I booked my own room and left the airport. I got a callback from AA at about 2AM, and they successfully rebooked me in the morning on a flight that showed no availability online (either through app or full website).

Is the best way to submit a complaint through the website? The Holiday Inn Express Charlotte Airport was $272 after taxes (I would call this price gouging, as the same room next Thursday is $126), which I paid out of pocket. In addition to requesting refunds for out-of-pocket expenses, does AA generally offer compensation for the inconvenience? (I ultimately arrived 11 hours late, missed a morning of work, etc).

Also, is there a way to tell WHY a flight cancelled?
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