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QuantumCatBox Dec 15, 13 10:50 pm

ARCHIVE: Transportation Voucher / vouchers / "MCO" FAQ and master thread

Just wanted to share my experience using an American Airlines paper voucher that I received for a voluntary bump (code DV), especially the struggle in getting taxes removed. I put a reservation on hold through the AA website and went to the airport yesterday morning to pay at the ticket desk using the voucher. The voucher was for $500 and the ticket total was about $531. I informed the agent that the voucher was tax exempt, and I used my phone to show the part on where it says "Transportation vouchers are tax exempt. Exception- vouchers with code OU are taxable." The base fare of the flight was about $461, and I used this site to tell her that US (domestic flight) ZP, and AY do not apply. She told me I was wrong and that only the $35 booking fee was waived, but I still had to pay taxes and thus owed $31. I then told her that the confusion regarding the taxes was apparently so common that there were internet sites created to assist travelers in explaining to agents that the voucher is tax exempt, and that if she called the tariff desk they might be able to finish the process. She again told me I was wrong, that I was not tax exempt, that I had to pay taxes, and that she was not going to call the tariff desk for something she already knew. That was a response I was not expecting. So, I used my debit card and paid the $31.

At the flight gate I talked to the AA employee at the counter and explained the situation, asking him how I could go about getting a refund. He told me taxes applied to vouchers and the woman at the desk was right. I told him that my understanding was that taxes do not apply, but that AA agents commonly incorrectly believe they do. Apparently this is not a nice comment to say, because he kind of scowled at me and told me I would have to wait till my destination location and talk to a desk agent there.

So I arrive at my destination and wait in a rather long line to talk to an agent. I attempted to explain the situation and showed my receipts and the information on the AA website. She cut me off half way through and asked why I was tax exempt and where my tax exempt paperwork was. I told her that I personally was not tax exempt, but that the voucher was tax exempt. She told me that the website only meant the booking fee was waived (even though the website says taxes are waived) and that I was wrong. I asked if she could call the tariff desk, she said no. I asked if there was a supervisor I could speak to, she told me there were a lot of people waiting and she was not getting a supervisor to tell me what she already told me, that I have to pay taxes just like any other customer. 2 attempts and 0 results. This was turning into a lot of work to get my $31 back, but it was my money and multiple websites have confirmed that AA agents do not know their own AA policy on vouchers. So, I called the AA number and explained the situation to the agent on the phone and my experience with the desk agents. She was friendly and polite and put me on hold to talk to a supervisor. She came back on and said....It's Tax Exempt.....and I should not have been charged about $50 in taxes. I asked why the two desk agents I spoke to were both unaware of that policy and why they couldn't have just done what she did to get the answer (it was a rhetorical question as I would expect she had no idea who the desk agents were or why they acted the way they did). She apologized and after about 30 minutes on the phone told me the credit was processed and I'd be getting the remainder of the voucher, about $22, mailed to me.

In the end, I suppose it might just depend on who the Agent is that you talk to at the desk and whether they 1) know the correct rules regarding vouchers, and/or 2) if they don't know or are unsure are willing to ask a supervisor. I'm thinking the agents I spoke too either honestly believed that the vouchers were not exempt, or were not sure but did not want to go and ask another person. It seems odd that this issue hasn't been resolved with a simple memo to all employees RE: paper vouchers, or a modification on the computer program to prompt agents using paper vouchers that not all taxes apply and to do "x,y,z" to price and process the ticket correctly. But, it's not my airline, so I don't really have a say in what they do regarding their SOPs. For anyone else that reads this and uses a paper voucher, If you receive push back from the agent about the taxes I would recommend getting a supervisor or just paying it and calling AA to have them reimburse the charge. I don't like arguing with a customer service agent, especially if I'm confident I'm right and they aren't budging, and even more especially when there is a line of other people waiting and I need to get on a flight leaving soon.

Madmax4797 Jan 5, 14 10:00 am

Thanks for sharing QuantumCatBox. The tax info will definitely come in handy once I use this $800 voucher I just got for volunteering on a recent flight.

On a related note, and because I couldn't find the answer in the sticky above, does anyone know if you can hold a reservation on and then have it ticketed using your paper voucher at a physical (city/non-airport) AA ticketing office?

lehms Jan 7, 14 12:51 pm

American transportation voucher - can i use on US Airways flight?
title says it all, any thoughts?

Air Rarotonga Jan 7, 14 2:01 pm

Double posting is not allowed and will not help to answer your question faster...

US Airways | Dividend Miles > american airlines transportation voucher can i use on us airways

lehms Jan 7, 14 2:56 pm

thank you

dstan Jan 7, 14 4:53 pm

The cross-posted thread in the US subforum has now been removed. Please post any responses here.


fireworksboy Jan 7, 14 5:15 pm

I'll ask the question in reverse - I've got a USAir voucher and would like to book an AA flight (and actually use my Alaska # :) ). I'm guessing that I should be able to do so (at least simply book the AA flight) pretty soon. Thoughts?

beofotch Jan 8, 14 8:01 am

Can I Now Use AA Travel Voucher (eVoucher) On US Airways Metal as well?
I have a bunch of AA eVouchers - can I know redeem them for AA AND US metal, or just US metal?

BoeingBoy Jan 8, 14 9:19 am

To the best of my knowledge, that's one of the many questions that don't have an official answer yet so anything anyone says is speculation. Since mix and match of flights just started yesterday, I'd say call AA about using the vouchers for desired flights on either carrier. If you get a "no", call US and ask them. The worst that can happen is that you can't use the vouchers on US metal yet and you could get the response you want.


BoeingBoy Jan 8, 14 9:25 am

You can certainly book an AA flight - that started yesterday. Unfortunately no one knows yet if you can use a US voucher to pay for it (or vice versa in the OP's situation). So all you can really do is get speculation here or call AA (or US for the OP) and ask. Of course, you've got an additional wrinkle - crediting your AS account. That's probably not possible today - you can only credit to US or AA since AS isn't a US partner. There's also the pretty obvious - with merger integration proceeding forward, today's answer can change at any time.

Duke787 Jan 19, 14 3:06 pm

Bumping this thread up. Does anyone know if we have an answer to this question? I have a VDB voucher from US and I'd prefer to use it on AA

JDiver Jan 19, 14 3:26 pm

No announcement about that as yet.

onic Jan 19, 14 10:21 pm

Vouchers are still only redeemable with the carrier that issued them. However many (but not all) flights are already being crossed sold. So you can book a US flight from AA using an AA voucher.

yuel Jan 26, 14 12:56 pm

Has anyone ever been questioned at the airport using a paper voucher in someones else name to book a ticket in your name?

wrp96 Jan 26, 14 8:16 pm

Originally Posted by yuel (Post 22226590)
Has anyone ever been questioned at the airport using a paper voucher in someones else name to book a ticket in your name?

Nope never had a problem. Use my mom's vouchers frequently.

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