How do I search for Y-Up fares?

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How do I search for Y-Up fares?

I've recently started traveling for work(only domestic flights at the moment) and many times, I have been able to purchase a coach ticket with an instant upgrade to First/Business Class. My work generally lets me pick which flight I want but only lets me fly coach so this instant upgrade is always nice. My question is, how do I know before booking whether it is a ticket with an instant upgrade or not? The agent I spoke to said this was a Y-Up fare - how do I search for Y-up fares?

My work uses American Express for corporate travel, if that makes a difference.
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You really don't. The airlines have been moving away from classifying discounted first class fares as Y-UPs, as it was leading to all sorts of problems when passengers were downgraded.
In any event, the lowest available Y-UP fare, while technically an economy fare, is still meaningfully more expensive than the lowest available coach fare; most corporate travel policies would require the lowest available fare, unless you have the ability to purchase refundable fares, then maybe you would have more flexibility.

In any event, you can purchase the coach fare through the travel agent, and then you *should* be able to call AA and "up-fare" the ticket to first class by only paying the fare difference.

Alternatively, some companies/travel agents will let you purchase the more expensive first class fare, but will document what the lowest coach fare was and only reimburse that amount. Talk to your travel agent or corporate travel department (and probably your accounts payable people as well who process expense reports!).
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Thanks! That's the answer I was looking for. You're right - I do have to book the cheapest flight available but I can be flexible with time. For e.g., if I want to leave at 6PM, I'll have to book the cheapest flight at 6PM, not the cheapest flight of the day. I guess I've just been getting lucky where the cheapest flight at the time happened to be one with a complimentary upgrade.
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If you want to guarantee a y-up fare you need to call Amex GBT and directly ask for a y-up. Cannot do it online , at least using concur software which is what I think all GBT clients use.

my firm specifically allows us to book y-up for certain flight but I've always had to call.
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