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aceflyer2 Jul 13, 16 11:53 pm

Connection Time STT/MIA/MSY
Going to be connecting thru MIA from STT. I assume we will have to get our luggage and go thru customs. Any ideas on about how long to allow for this?

Krysia Jul 14, 16 5:41 am

When doing customs in Miami , even with global entry I would schedule 2 hours . I got through very quickly with my global entry, but have waited well over an hour for luggage.

JJeffrey Jul 14, 16 6:55 am

Umm, unless something has changed, STT is a US Territory, so no customs/immigration in MIA :) There is usually a less rigorous check at STT before departure, but once you land in the states it's like any other domestic connection.

aceflyer2 Jul 14, 16 8:36 am

So do I have to get luggage in MIA or is it checked thru? Thanks.

IADCAflyer Jul 14, 16 10:52 am

STT is a U.S. possession - treated as a domestic flight on landing. No need to pick up bags (in fact, you can't pick up any checked bags as they will be checked through to your final destination).

STT is separate -customs territory- so there will be a cursory check on leaving STT.

mrtrickdk Jul 14, 16 12:39 pm

Your arrival in MIA will be as a domestic arrival, no need to pickup bags.
In STT - you go through a "customs" check, very basic and usually pretty fast. I would still allocate an extra 15 minutes as compared to a normal domestic flight just to to be safe. I have gone through STT 20+ times.

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