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srirams Feb 16, 16 6:20 pm

We couldn't display trip details
I purchased tickets on to SIN (DFW-HKG on AA, HKG-SIN on Cathay Pacific), but I cannot pull up the trip details online.

I get this: (I've blanked out the Record locator).

I contacted reservations who claim they can see the itinerary just fine, and then transferred me to web support, who were clueless and said something must have changed with my itinerary and transferred me to reservatsion :rolleyes:

If I try to "Email trip" I get a blank email. Reservations promised to send me an email and nothing arrived.

It's been like this since I booked the ticket so it's not some temporary error.

Anybody have any experience with this? I'd really like to get this fixed by thursday so I can get some good seats :(

brewdog11 Feb 16, 16 6:34 pm

Did you waitlist an upgrade (systemwide or miles + copay)? Sometimes this will happen when those upgrades try to clear.

srirams Feb 16, 16 6:44 pm

Nope, nothing like that. I think all my upgrade luck is gone after I got an upgrade ICN-DFW (me being just a lowly gold, and after this feb, nothing). Not sure how or why it happened (I didn't ask for it or use any miles), but I don't think I can hope for one again ;)

PhlAdmiral Feb 16, 16 6:46 pm

Reservation system down today
AA reservation system online has been broken/down all day. Upon entering traveler info redirects back to search screen.

Anyone hear when they will resolve?

DenverBrian Feb 16, 16 6:53 pm

No issues for me, all the way through payment; have you tried another browser and/or cleared the cache in the browser you're using?

PhlAdmiral Feb 16, 16 6:56 pm

Tried with Safari and chrome. Maybe a Mac issue.

ijgordon Feb 16, 16 7:06 pm

We couldn't display trip details
Maybe try pulling it up on

brewdog11 Feb 16, 16 7:07 pm

It's usually something that reservations can fix. Sounds like you may have spoken to someone unaware of how to fix it.

I'd try sending AA a direct message on Twitter. They can probably fix it, and it's a nice alternative to calling in during IRROPS galore.

PhlAdmiral Feb 16, 16 7:26 pm

Still not working. Works on the mobile site but not on full version. Mobile site as everyone knows sucks

aztimm Feb 16, 16 7:38 pm

Originally Posted by PhlAdmiral (Post 26196153)
Tried with Safari and chrome. Maybe a Mac issue.

I just tried, and the AA site works fine for me on my MacBook Air, using Firefox.

PhlAdmiral Feb 16, 16 7:48 pm

Really still having an issue. You can get to seat selection? Very odd.

BSBD Feb 16, 16 8:38 pm

Originally Posted by PhlAdmiral (Post 26196325)
Really still having an issue. You can get to seat selection? Very odd.

There are definitely issues today. You're not the only one.

Seat selection for me is totally broken.

controller1 Feb 16, 16 8:41 pm

No problem for me on a MacBook Pro with Safari. Just went all the way through the process.

Dave Noble Feb 16, 16 9:41 pm

I have found this happens if there is a change in the itinerary

If you have the original details, perhaps call and compare.

srirams Feb 16, 16 9:45 pm doesn't work (something about email not being in the reservation).

I've spoken to three reservation agents so far and they all say that they can see my itinerary and are a loss to explain why I cant. I'll try the Twitter, but I need to make an account first :(

Web support said something about a change in the itinerary also, so I'll try to compare. In any case, how do my online access restored so I can select seats?

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