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2016 AA.com website & app down, glitch, bug, fix etc. (Consolidated - archived)

2016 AA.com website & app down, glitch, bug, fix etc. (Consolidated - archived)

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2016 AA aa.com website / app down, glitch, bug, fix etc. (Consolidated)

• Saturday evenings, AA loads schedules and runs batch processes. This means some scheduled flights might go missing, or your account may show all zeroes, sometimes well into Sunday. It will all come back.

• aa.com troubles? Check by using aktchi's recommended way: http://isup.me- or http://www.isitdown.us, http://www.doj.me

Or use this direct link - http://downorisitjustme.com/res.php?url=aa.com

If it is just you, try: reload the page, empty your cache, delete one or more cookies, quit and restart the browser, shut down and reboot the computer.

LRD shared: (maybe)... it's a bad cookie. I use the "Remove Cookie for Site" extension. This adds a menu item to your mouse right-click that clears the cookies for just the domain you are viewing. Works ...for example, clearing Citi cookies before submitting a second, same-day AA credit-card application.

• "Flight / Fare selected no longer available; please modify your request" common booking error

• For Web-related issues, including web-displayed fares issues, call American Airlines Web Services Phones
United Kingdom: 0207-365-0777 Mon - Fri 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. GMT; Sat - Sun 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Servicios Web de AA.com en Español U.S. or Canada 1-800-222-2377, 6:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. US CT daily

All Other Locations 1-918-832-1384, 6:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. US CT daily
• Get AA.com to remember your account number and password? serfty recommends, for personal devices ONLY: Greasemonkey with the "Allow Password Remembering".

N.B. Older posts have been archived to: [Archived] 2015 AA.com website & app down, glitch, bug, fix etc. (Consolidated)

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Old Jan 2, 16, 12:45 am
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2016 AA.com website & app down, glitch, bug, fix etc. (Consolidated - archived)

Welcome to the 2016 "AA.com website/app isn't working..." thread. Please see wiki above for more information. Thanks! /AA Moderators

(For reference, last year's thread may be found here: 2015 AA.com website & app down, glitch, bug, fix etc. (Consolidated) )
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Old Jan 2, 16, 11:28 am
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This one was quite aggravating - not just because of the error, but also because of AA's non-response.

On 29 Dec (or so), I was searching for award travel on 1 January LAX-PHL. The mileage pricing options came up with 1 January on the left side (the trip summary).

When I clicked on the flight, though, it changed me to 31 December. No notice that it had changed other than the new date in the flight summary.

I booked it not realizing, but only noticed because I was adding it to my calendar. Good thing - otherwise I would have been in a pretty bad mood at the airport (and I'm certain AA wouldn't have helped m).

I emailed it to AA. Their response was "oh it looks like you've got it corrected now" and that was it.

I could repeat the error on their site afterwards and even took screen shots.

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AA.com account access issues

Just tried doing OLCI for a flight tomorrow. Logged into my account and my account is zeroed out, with no biographical info either! (I previously had 430k miles). It shows my member-since date as Today (instead of 1995), and all sorts of "sorry, we're currently experiencing issues" boxes everywhere. Can't do OLCI as well. Boo! Hope everything's ok in AA IT Land.....
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Old Jan 3, 16, 9:27 am
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I can't log in. Similar error message.
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Old Jan 3, 16, 9:29 am
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FYI OLCI via the App worked just fine. Still no upgrade though on DCA-PHX :-\
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Old Jan 3, 16, 9:35 am
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"Our system is having trouble. Please come back later."

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Old Jan 3, 16, 9:42 am
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flight searches on aa.com are also not working at the moment.
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site is Down

trying to book - site is down....
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"Our system is having trouble."
Seeing this message when trying to book flights and when trying view my AA account summary.
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Old Jan 3, 16, 10:31 am
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Still Down

Just checked 3 mins ago. Are you all still getting the same thing?
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Originally Posted by bison1847 View Post
Just checked 3 mins ago. Are you all still getting the same thing?
Yup - still down for me also. Been trying for last ~30 minutes to do flight search and/or log onto account without any luck.
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Old Jan 7, 16, 1:08 pm
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Just booked an award ticket for 1/22. Unfortunately, the header says Thursday, January 21, while the flight details say January 22. I'm assuming this is the same glitch as earlier in this thread, except I actually booked the ticket. How concerned should I be?
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Old Jan 8, 16, 10:04 pm
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Trip disappeared

I saw some posts last month about trips disappearing or otherwise not showing up under "My Trips." It just happened to me this evening - I booked a trip using my company web site, it showed up under My Trips but when I clicked on it I got some errors including one that said something about the itinerary being removed! I can find it using the record locator, and verified it had the correct FFN, but it hasn't come back after several hours. Is anyone else seeing anything like that?
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Old Jan 9, 16, 6:53 am
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My SWU cleared last night, so I went online to select seats, all fine except out of the four flights on the reservation, the first flight (today) is now at the bottom of the list. Also on the app - it's now the last flight, and the app opens to show me my domestic flight tomorrow instead of the international flight today.

Complimentary domestic upgrade which cleared two days ago still shows as "requested" and OLCI didn't work - it said my birthday associated with my passport is wrong. Very strange.
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Old Jan 9, 16, 7:12 pm
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AA.com is telling me no flights from SFO-BTR or SFO-MSY on April 8, and nothing coming up on Google Flights. Tried April 7 as well, just in case, nada. I'm guessing this is a glitch.

ETA: Looks like April 4-May 4 for MSY, April 4-April 30 for BTR. EF shows flights, AA.com and Google Flights do not. Maybe they're mucking with the schedule.
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