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AAdvantage Changes for 2016 - DISCUSSION, REACTION & POLL

View Poll Results: My plans for dealing with the 2016 AAdvantage changes:
I'm actually benefitting from this - good deal for me.
I'm neutral - I gain some, lose some. I'll stay.
I'm not happy, but stuck with AA / oneworld at this point.
I'm unhappy & will use AA & other airlines opportunistically.
I'm outta here! Bye, American.
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AAdvantage Changes for 2016 - DISCUSSION, REACTION & POLL

Old Nov 17, 15, 2:30 pm
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I'm not surprised when the major airlines devalue their frequent flyer points. They've been handing them out like candy and now they need to devalue. 30K - 75K miles for signing up for a credit card, all the non flying ways to earn points, etc.
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:32 pm
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The bloggers and its readers have been asking for devaluation from AA for sometime and now you got it. You have been saying" if AA gives us advance notice, you were all for any devaluation". Well they gave you advance notice and they destroyed the aadvantage program so be happy from April 2015.

AA is now one of the worst reward program after doing away with stop over and now this award devaluation.
Time to use cash back cards cos the gov rarely ever devalues currency.

Love my 2% back on everything everyday card.

will be canceling my AA cards just like i have done with UA card
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:39 pm
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Originally Posted by Blueskyheaven View Post
The bloggers and its readers have been asking for devaluation from AA for sometime and now you got it. You have been saying" if AA gives us advance notice, you were all for any devaluation".
Funny, I _really_ don't recall anyone you call out (bloggers, their readers, etc) saying that.

That said, the gap has seriously, seriously narrowed. So, many will go off to UA (even some who came-- pretty recently in many cases-- to AA after UA's moves) and/or DL, etc. Or they'll just pay for what they want going forward (smartest move.)

Everyone makes their choice, and moves on. Way it's been for 2 decades.
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:40 pm
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Yep no point in stacking miles of toubare not a frequent traveler or business traveler.

Time to cash in on the points
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:41 pm
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Joining in with the rest...
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:42 pm
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Originally Posted by Juanefny View Post
If irrops and swus are the main thing keeping them with AA, I'd say that with today's announcement, dl diamond is far superior than exp...
What's the spending minimum for that?
tom911 is online now  
Old Nov 17, 15, 2:44 pm
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During my mileage running days (which ended a couple of years ago) people would look at me like I had 3 heads when I told them what mileage running was all about.

Ironic as I am now one of those that doesn't understand why anyone in their right mind would mileage run (or bank millions of miles) going forward.
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:49 pm
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Letter I wrote to AA

Not that it matters, but here is the letter I wrote to AA Customer Relations. As I've said before, these changes would make me reevaluate my flying habits, and they have. Thank you for the memories AA, I wish your loyalty to me had been as strong as my loyalty to you.



I am emailing you concerning the changes announced today to the AAdvantage program. As a multi-year executive platinum member, I have frequently gone out of my way to fly American Airlines, including paying hundreds to thousands of dollars more for a fare to stay on AA flights. For 2015, I believe that AAdvantage was the best frequent flyer program, bar none. Sadly, in 2016 AAdvantage has decided to make changes which will make it among the worst, if not the worst program in the industry. From gutting award miles earning and upgrades to devaluing the award chart, AA has made many changes which negatively impact their customers.

As a result of these changes, I can no longer be loyal to AA as I have been since 1989. I will no longer go out of my way to purchase more expensive tickets simply because they are on AA, and I will no longer travel as much as I do now, purposefully taking extra trips so I can fly AA. Again, I am writing you to let you know that this is a direct result of the changes announced today and that I am disappointed in the manner in which American Airlines has chosen to treat its loyal customers, as this loyalty was clearly very one sided.

I've had many great times on AA, and will always have the memories. For that I thank you.


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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:50 pm
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Originally Posted by crimsona View Post
Europe to Middle East J and F going from 30 and 40 to 42.5 and 62.5
Middle East to Australia J and F going from 45 and 60 to 80 and 100

Affects Etihad residences.
I'm not happy about this one at all. I use most of my miles to fly from Europe to ME with EY in J or F.
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:54 pm
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Interesting--as I read through the posts so far--no threatened mass migration.

Truth is AA is still the best for those seeking elite status from the standpoint of ease of qualification, including no revenue requirements. Big downside is that DL and UA elites who watch their $ will see that AA is the last elite-easy-to-qualify outpost when using discount fares--and upgrades will become scarce.

As a UA 1K--I am hoping to see less UA elites in future years because AA should attract the penny pinchers.

Finally--cannot find anything about the million miler program. Hope itís not been scrapped.
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:55 pm
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Roughly speaking, Y from US-EU will be as many RDMs as J/F Saver is now, and J/F is moving up to where F Saver used to be.

Someone explain why they didn't just cancel the entire program again?
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:56 pm
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Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_1) AppleWebKit/601.2.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0.1 Safari/601.2.7)

Disappointed, but not shockingly so. I think the AAdvantage program is still the better of the 3 programs, just much, much less so. ...I have started flying Delta more and generally enjoyed the experience. As always, I will reevaluate which program makes the most sense for me personally and professionally and adjust accordingly. ...In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, but not necessarily pleasant to look at.

Safe Travels
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:56 pm
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At least there is no minimum spend for status!!
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:58 pm
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Originally Posted by GUWonder View Post
The frequency, scope and scale of the devaluations has not been consistent over time. It's gotten worse, but more so and more frequently when US market conditions changed and we ended up with the market being well-defined by an industry where three cartel kingpins (DL, UA, AA) run the show in far more concentrated ways than ever before.
Except it's not just USA-based airlines devaluing their charts, so that fails as an explanation. AC? Check. BA? Check. AF/KL? Check. LH? Check. AV? Check. NH? Check.

That's a lot of airlines that aren't AA/DL/UA who've devalued their award charts.

As for the ME 3, since a lot of people think that might be a saving grace... tell me, what EQM/RDM do you get on deep discount EK Y? (I'll help: not a lot.)

The whole industry is moving away from a model of "buy a ton of cheap Y and we'll treat you like royalty". The salad days of FT being a way to turn $99 transcons into Krug and caviar are going behind us. C'est la vie.
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Old Nov 17, 15, 2:59 pm
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Originally Posted by Madone59 View Post
At least there is no minimum spend for status!!
Why would they put a minimum spend, the status has been devalued to the point where no sane person wants it anymore.
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