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LUS: My Last time on US coded flight - what was yours?

LUS: My Last time on US coded flight - what was yours?

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My Last US Airways Coded Flight Was: _____; What Was Yours?

For a reminiscence opportunity, see LUS: Dinner with US FA "GalleyWench" Tue 27 Oct 6 PM Lowell, NC
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Old Sep 22, 15, 9:03 am
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LUS: My Last time on US coded flight - what was yours?

No real point to this thread, just wanted to publically remark after 2xx or so US flights, my last one before the switch will be tomorrow, back Thursday. Mods, feel free to remove/relocate as necessary.

Doing DCA-CLT-RDU. YCA fare. Naturally, had to buy on 001 stock so no UGs (not like it matters for a short flight). At least that will be "fixed" moving forward.

It's been a fun ride (mostly). Thanks US!
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Old Sep 22, 15, 10:37 am
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My last US flight will be on Oct. 11 CLT-CLE on trip back from West Coast. Initially I did not plan this way, US had lower fare than AA. But I realized this flight will be my last US flight.

Record shows that my first US flight was August 29, 1981 US Air 224 ORD-PIT. Flight was on DC-9-30, I think US Air operated -30 series only, except later MD-80 acquired from PSA. I think airline code was AL back then from Allegheny Airlines, US Air flights did not have first class back then, and on this particular flight oven warm hot cake breakfast was served on this one hour and fifteen minutes flight. Those were the days, wasn’t it?

Maybe I will scan the ticket receipt for Oct. 11 flight with US Airways logo and save it.

Alright I will add…

My first Piedmont Airlines flight was on December 27, 1986 flight 936 ROC-EWR on Fokker 28. Aircraft and route acquired from Empire Airlines.

My first America West flight was on July 1, 2000 flight 722 SNA-LAS on 733.

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Old Sep 22, 15, 12:13 pm
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My last flight will be LAS-CLT on 10/4. End of an era.
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Old Sep 22, 15, 1:40 pm
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We decided to take a little part of the final US Airways flight 1939 from PHX-SFO. We are going to watch the final departure from SFO-PHL at the gate before heading to the hotel and coming back to PHX the next day.
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Old Sep 22, 15, 1:45 pm
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End of an era for sure. Due to a relocation abroad, I took my last US Airways flight in April of this year.

My first Piedmont Airlines flight was in August 1982. My wife's first flight on Piedmont Airlines was in August 1981. Prior to that, she had flown long hauls South America to Europe on Air France since 1960. She cannot recall the type of plane her Piedmont flight was but it was extremely small and even as a seasoned flyer she got scared when her plane got in the path of a Boeing.

We joined the USAirways Dividend Miles (or whatever is what called then) in 1991 for me and 1992 for my wife.

The only good thing is that when they announced the new amenity bags with the different airlines that are part of US Airways, my wife said she wanted one from Piedmont. On my last flight in J in April, I got one. She was a happy camper.
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Old Sep 22, 15, 1:46 pm
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I suspect it will be my return home, PHL-PIT, on 10/16, as it's been all year. I didn't keep track, but suspect I'm the vicinity of 2,000 flights.
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Old Sep 22, 15, 1:51 pm
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I am a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan (although I lived in Buffalo for grad school they didnt come close to converting me) and for the first time ever I took the plunge on a fan club road trip package to see them play in Florida. (I confirmed that they would fly US before purchasing the package because I was concerned about UGs, Bag fees and EQMs) I will fly my final US flight from FLL-PHL on 12 September, nearly 22 years after I joined DM as a college student because of my flights home to visit family on US.
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Old Sep 22, 15, 2:16 pm
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Earlier today I booked YYZ-PHL for 10/9. I even have my TA trained to buy US flights on 001 ticket stock now, so I might get an UG.

I might still have one more set of flights the following week, which would be on US unless I was coming from Dallas, Chicago, or Miami - none of which are likely.
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Old Sep 22, 15, 3:01 pm
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It's very likely my last US-coded flight was CLT-MKE this past Friday. 10/1 I start the DL status match, and while I might take one or two more flights to burn remaining SWUs, logistically they're likely to either be AA-coded, or post-10/17.
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Old Sep 22, 15, 7:31 pm
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Probably this coming Thursday. I flew DCA-CLT-SAV yesterday with both segments upgraded. My upgrade on SAV-CLT cleared this morning (T-2D) which is a bit odd given that its a CR9 and I've never missed an upgrade on a CR9 or a CR7. But, CLT-DCA has not cleared and F looks full.

This was the first time I've missed DCA-CLT or vice versa in quite a while. I wanted to round out my US career in F class, but at least I've got the best seat in Y on the 319 - 10A.

Its been quite a pleasure to be associated with US since I was first "forced" to fly them when AA dropped its presence at ROA back in the winter of 1994/1995. ORD-BWI-ROA was my first US flight as a college student. I was even upgraded on BWI-ROA which was a 732.

The 757s with 24 seats in F, bump vouchers, 3x EQMs using different promo codes, my first trip as an adult to Europe, cold chicken plates, my flight to MBJ with my wife on honeymoon, Metrojet, the introduction of e-savers and flying to places like BHM for $79 round trip, taking the A333-300 from LGW to PHL with my wife when it was a true three-class plane and getting very, very drunk off of 1.5 bottles of Dom Perignon and we were the only two passengers in F, taking both of my sons on their first flights as infants, and getting a voicemail from my mother telling me that my father had passed away as I touched down in DCA. All part of my growing up. But things do come to an end and time does march on.

C'est la vie.

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Old Sep 22, 15, 10:52 pm
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I'm flying 10/16 home from PSP-PHX on a US Express flight.
Mailine it's 10/13 home from SNA-PHX

(Yes I'm going to PHX-SNA for a work function on the 12th and 13th and the next morning the 14th to PSP from PHX.)

I'm also flying my first combined American former US flight on 10/19 to PVR.
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Old Sep 23, 15, 1:53 pm
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Originally Posted by StuckinITH View Post
End of an era for sure. ...
We joined the USAirways Dividend Miles (or whatever is what called then) .
Prior to the 1996 corporate name change to US Airways, it was called the US Air Frequent Traveler Program. Pretty original, right? AA AAdvantage, UA Mileage Plus, NW WorldPerks, TWA Aviators and Pan Am's WorldPass were all cool program names back then. Yet someone in the US Air marketing department with zero creativity came up with the "Frequent Traveler Program". The change later to Dividend Miles was a nice touch, as were several of the changes Stephen Wolf implemented like the 3 class A330 wide bodies and expanded European service.

But I digress... I too will miss the days of yore. As a young punk (please don't judge me for this), my friends and I learned how to get upgraded for free. This pre-dates 1998 when they switched over to SABRE from whatever they were using, btw. With a confirmed reservation, we could call on day of flight (maybe even days+ before flight, but never tried it), and tell them we wanted to get a seat in First. They would ask if we wanted to pay on the phone or at the airport. We would say airport. After showing up with our boarding pass printed by our local travel agent, we'd proceed to the gate and board without ever being asked for more $$$. That little IT loophole was closed after they moved to SABRE in 1998.

Some other nuggets...the amazing mileage promos, many of which were touted here (and in most cases targeted and not public). I earned Chairman's one year with only about 30,000 BIS miles. They became so abused on this forum that US management stepped in and gave a stern warning to FT, who in turn gave the US FT forum members a stern warning to not post any more targeted promo codes.

How much we loved the "new" Envoy in 1997 on the 767 with those personal TVs and lazy-boy like recliners. How we loved even more the new Envoy on the A330 introduction to US in 2000. Now people avoid those same exact seats installed on the 757 like the plague. We've all gotten spoiled I guess.

Or the one time flying Envoy on a 3 month old A330 PHL-FCO meeting the Captain during boarding. Explained to him that my GF was nervous of flying in general and even more nervous to be flying on such a new plane (because, in her mind, what if it's not been fully tested?!). Captain Skip Higley reassured her everything would be perfect, gave her a cockpit tour and even came back mid flight to check on her (she was sleeping soundly after several glasses of wine).

And of course, racking up enough miles over the years to be able to fly on some great partners like LH First upper deck of a 747, AA from JFK-EZE in 777 business (when they were marketing partners around 2000) and Hawaiian from HNL - PPT - HNL.

The customer service was by and large top notch. Having a flight attendant call me on my phone because she tracked me down on the manifest when I left my alphanumeric pager on the F lav counter, or me calling the CP line when it was apparent my PHL-DFW flight was not going to be operating while i'm in a sea of people in PHL B Concourse. She called the powers that be for PHL dispatch to let me know which gate to scoot over to before anyone else. And the little things like calling to use points to upgrade(domestic or TA/Envoy) and occasionally getting a "thank you for years of service, there will be no mileage deduction for this upgrade".

Thanks for the opportunity to walk down memory lane.
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Old Sep 23, 15, 3:11 pm
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To continue on PHL memories we also had amazing customer service. One time, my cell phone rang. It was the US Airways agent in my small town telling me that if I was in a 5 minutes driving range from the airport, the plane would wait for me. That day, I had decided not to travel and never expected a call.

Being upgraded to First on 95% of my domestic flights. Envoy being the most amazing class of all the airlines in the US. Still what I will miss the most are the Angels answering the CP line. They were always so kind, telling me not to worry that I can call for upgrades to Envoy every day until the upgrades are released. In the 90's the menu in Envoy was coming from Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia.

Weird souvenir: I'm not good with planes but there was one in the 90's that looked like a bus with wings (on US Airways Express)

Big sadness: When they dropped Pittsburgh as a hub and we had to fly to PHL to get our connections and got caught with all the delays due to too much air traffic in that area.

Missed opportunities too: my wife was so close to having enough Dividend Miles to get me a ticket on the Concorde when US Airways was in the same alliance as BA but that alliance finished before she got them. She had already flown on the Concorde and she wanted me to have that opportunity.

34 years of my life with US Airways! I could go on and on....
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Old Sep 23, 15, 9:25 pm
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Mine will be US 2026, PHX-PHL, on 10/8. The redeye I hate, but have to take way too often

I booked my first flight post 10/17 last night - totally forgot, went to US to book, and was redirected to aa.com.

I've been flying US since 1990 when I was a college student living in DC, using my book of student flight coupons to fly back and forth to home in Boston. Little did I know then I would eventually become a traveling consultant and depend on US for so much of my travel (probably 95+% over the past 12 years or so).
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Old Sep 23, 15, 11:24 pm
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I suspect I'll have another trip pop up before 17OCT, but for now my last hurrah is next week PHL-HVN-PHL-CLT-MSY-CLT-PHL. Bonus A333 with "Envoy" class for PHL-CLT.

Fond memories of signing up for the cleverly named "USAir Frequent Traveler Program" at the age of 13 while waiting for a flight. Had FT (or the internet) existed at the time, I might have realized I could have gotten some extra bonus miles if I had waited for "a very special offer" during the flight.

Still have my original navy blue & grey USAir card where I penciled in what would someday become my (now retired) USDM#, with which I would eventually rise through the ranks to CP a decade later. Might be time to punch a hole in my 'new' luggage tAAg.
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