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AA & US create a huge mess of my itinerary

AA & US create a huge mess of my itinerary


Old Jun 30, 14, 10:11 am
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AA & US create a huge mess of my itinerary

about a month ago I booked an award ticket in BIZ on aa.com

Original flights were MIA - LGA - PHL - PVD on Sunday June 29, the first leg on AA, the other legs on US

Crappy flight, but I had no choice because of availability.

On Saturday, I called to check to see if there was a more direct flight, they offered MIA - CLT - PVD and I took it. I tried checking in online and was told twice by 2 AA CSRs that I couldn't check in because I was in first class and the flight was under ATC (whatever that means)

I go to MIA and try to check in at US Air, they tell me "there is something wrong with your ticket, you have to go to AA to fix it" I ask why they can't fix it for me, and he says "not my problem" gee thanks!

So I head over to AA and waste 30 minutes for them to re-issue the ticket and I finally am able to check in with US.

The MIA - CLT was delayed by 2 hours, meaning I would miss my CLT-PVD. I wasn't given a reason for the delay and there were too many people to hang around. I called AA, who said since my flight was on US, I needed to call US. I told them that the flight was booked on AA with AA miles, they still insisted it was a US problem.

Once of the phone with a US CSR, they offered either getting into PVD at noon on June 30 (not an option, I need to work) or fly to BOS and figure it out on AA. I took the AA flight and tried to find a bus or train to PVD, more on that later.

I asked if I was to get a BIZ seat since I redeemed miles for a BIZ seat. He had me on hold for 25 minutes to come back and say "AA is denying you a business seat" WHY?! "I don't know"

So I go to an AA Rebook counter to get my new BP and ask why they can't put me in BIZ since I redeemed for BIZ and she says "Not my problem, talk to US" when I insist, she came back with "We don't handle award tickets"

I was close to an Admiral lounge so I went in and had the CSR help me there. She also couldn't put me on BIZ but was able to put me on stand by. I asked why if I had redeemed for BIZ and she said she had no idea.

The flight was delayed one hour, so instead of landing at 11:30 pm in BOS, I landed at 12:30 am. Had no choice but to rent a car one way ($136) and drive down to PVD myself.

1) This is reminiscent of the UA/CO merger and it SUCKS since I was planning on jumping ship to AA

2) the CSR said they won't pay for my rental, what should I ask for?

3) I used to be PLAT 2012 & 2013 but dropped them for UA and I am not PLAT on UA but highly unsatisfied with UA and no status on AA
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Old Jun 30, 14, 12:56 pm
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Sorry for your experience. I recently had to deal with schedule changes on aa/us codeshares (paid ticket) and it was a nightmare.
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Old Jun 30, 14, 1:21 pm
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Sounds like agents just didn't do a good job of explaining the situations. I'm not that familiar with the technical details, but I think it goes something like this:

(1) The two carriers are still operating separately.
(2) You made a ticket change with AA. Someone at AA didn't re-issue your ticket properly. Error in ticket. AA ticket, AA must fix it.
(3) US is the operating carrier. US IRROPS = US responsibility to accommodate you.
(4) You chose to take an alternative flight to BOS rather than PVD. You must eat the costs of travelling from BOS to PVD.

Not sure about the business availability issue. I'm somewhat surprised that someone who's UA plat and probably a somewhat frequent traveller is not familiar with these problems on mixed carrier itineraries or itineraries operated by an airline other than the ticketing airline.
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Old Jun 30, 14, 5:59 pm
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"Flight under ATC" is most likely an acronym for the flight being under airport control and not ATC as in air traffic control. At US, once a flight is under airport control changes have to be done at the airport.

Also, US will offer the first available flight in irrop situations and that first available may not have FC seats available. It's up to you to ask if FC seats are available on the replacement and if not ask for a flight that does have FC availability. That could entail a significantly longer delay.

Then there's the AA/US/US ticket being changed to an US/US ticket where the next available seat ended up being the next day because of weather. Declining that, you went back to an AA flight to BOS and left to work the rest out with AA in BOS. I'd be surprised if either AA or US have flights BOS-PVD - on a clear day you can see one from the other at 500' - especially after midnight. So your only realistic option was to rent a car and drive.

You may be able to get some miles back but I wouldn't count on getting any of your ground transportation expenses reimbursed.


PS - US doesn't have BIZ domesticly, only FC. Business is only on TATL.
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Old Jun 30, 14, 6:31 pm
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If OP paid for F seats and flew Y, he is due a refund of the miles difference. That's it. The rest is all about making changes to multi-carrier (AA & US are still that). lawertalk puts it well.
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