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miamigrad Dec 9, 13 9:41 am

Speculation: New American AAdvantage FF Program Features (Discussion)
This thread is dedicated to discussion of the combined frequent flyer program between American Airlines and US Airways, which is currently American Airlines AAdvantage program and US Airways Dividend Miles program. The two frequent flyer programs will eventually be fully integrated under the name AAdvantage.

~ New American Forum Moderation Team

tonytifao Dec 9, 13 2:57 pm

I can see the new AA going 4 tiers. I say this is because to better position upgrades for the customers. I would like to see 25, 50, 75 and 100k

Stripy Dec 9, 13 3:01 pm

Potentially some positive news for those of us concerned about the effect a 4 tier FF program may have on LT PLT benefits:

In the quote it says that US Platinum and Gold will both have OW Sapphire presumably the same would be true in any new FF 4 tier program.

Xero Dec 9, 13 3:01 pm

While I am opposed to it, it is definite that a spend requirement will be coming. Next year will probably be the final year to be able to qualify on miles alone. Oh well.

Phasers Dec 9, 13 3:02 pm

Originally Posted by tonytifao (Post 21934288)
I can see the new AA going 4 tiers. I say this is because to better position upgrades for the customers. I would like to see 25, 50, 75 and 100k

I would very much prefer the existing 3 tiers that American has and have them remain untouched and unchanged. 4 tiers would dilute the Platinum tier way too much IMO.

turkeyRIOO Dec 9, 13 3:11 pm

One way award travel?
Award Processing fees?

wjj Dec 9, 13 4:54 pm

For purely selfish reasons, I would like to see a forth level at 75K if, and only if, lifetime benefits were available at say 3 million miles. I will pass 4 million in a few weeks, but after getting LT PL at 2 million, there is nothing else at AA. UA and DL are not so stingy and have LT benefits for their top tiers, but AA has resisted and I doubt we will ever see LT EXP. But LT Platinum Plus (or whatever they call it) would be a welcome LT enhancement for those of us who have flown enough (and all my miles are from flying) to qualify for LT PL twice over.

rankourabu Dec 9, 13 5:40 pm

Will they adopt

a) AA's restrictive stopover rules and dumb 3rd region transit rules, but ability to one-way.
b) US's liberal MPM25 routings, and stopover rules, and lack of one-way
c) best of both worlds
d) worst of both worlds

I am going to bet on (d)

In addition of course to a serious chart enhancement.

arlflyer Dec 9, 13 5:46 pm

The biggest question for the transition is going to be, how do they deal with complimentary upgrades? Do they stay with only highest-tier elites getting them (AA system), and thus make all the lower-tier legacy US flyers mad? Or do they stick with the legacy US system, flooding the upgrade pool and making existing AA EXPs mad? Or, do they freeze everything constant, which, depending on how they give priority, could make either existing AA GLD/PLTs very mad (legacy US flyers getting free upgrades before legacy AA gets in on stickers), or existing US lower-tier elites quite angry (boxed out by AA elites using stickers).

I don't see an answer that doesn't upset a lot of people.

The only way I could think of it making sense is if they take so long to merge that they let everyone's existing elite levels expire with their respective legacy carriers (basically let the 2014 year pass by keeping US and AA functionally separate and having no elite crossover) and then after the functional merger they just start from scratch with what you earned the previous year.

flyer121 Dec 9, 13 6:34 pm

award travel will require many many more miles.

TrojanHorse Dec 9, 13 6:59 pm

I would like to see the current three levels plus a super uber 150K level

I wonder if AA will go the way of DL with the Low/Med/High which really means

none/a few teasers/almost all

gradboozer Dec 9, 13 7:49 pm

I also see 4 tiers coming, but at 30-60-90-120, whether it's segments, points, or miles.

Status will likely be for sale as it is now at US, and I'd venture to say that upgrades will stay with stickers for low-level elites and comp for the top tier.

As for how upgrades work for the 2014 year, I'd imagine they'll remain separate but all other elite perks will be reciprocal (baggage fees, seating, check-in, boarding, etc.)

I'm interested to see what happens to the credit card component of it all come 2015.

doug68 Dec 9, 13 8:18 pm

Originally Posted by turkeyRIOO (Post 21934399)
One way award travel?

that already exists

LAXJetter Dec 9, 13 9:02 pm

a bunch of "enhancements" in the form of devaluations and an added spend requirement.

lemfc Dec 9, 13 9:07 pm

My pure speculation
I forsee for an "enhanced" US to Europe travel chart across the board. Pure speculation. Also a buy up option, special gimme's for reaching mile goals (both AA and US have utilized this feature from time to time) and higher change fees on reward trips.

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