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2014-15 Flight [xx] Cancellation / Delay / Diversion etc. on [date] (consolidated)

2014-15 Flight [xx] Cancellation / Delay / Diversion etc. on [date] (consolidated)

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2014-15 Flight [xx] Cancellation / Delay / Diversion etc. on [date] (consolidated)

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Old Jan 3, 14, 2:27 pm
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2014-15 Flight [xx] Cancellation / Delay / Diversion etc. on [date] (consolidated)

Please use this thread to report and discuss American Airlines, American Eagle (including SkyWest, ExpressJet etc. operated flights) flights occurring in C/Ys 2014 and 2015.

Happy New Year - may your flights be uncomplicated and on time. The 2013 thread can be found http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/ameri...solidated.html.

Thanks! American AAdvantage Moderation Team

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AA/30 LAX-JFK on 1/2 diverted to IAD because of JFK weather. (Many others did as well-- GRU, GIG, SFO).

What seemed notable to me about the LAX flight was that unlike the others, which refueled and took off fairly quickly, the IAD-JFK segment is delayed until 9pm (!) for crew legality. I hope they let pax off and find other options for NYC... And I'm curious how they handled baggage.
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AA1262 SNA to ORD 1/2/2014 - 1.5 hour gate hold, 30 min hold around Peoria (6 hours on the plane - no snack offered, one beverage service.)
AA5298 ORD to GRR 1/2/2014 - delayed 5.5 hours, boarded.... then canceled due to "our paperwork expired."
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AA24 SFO-JFK has diverted to MCI due to a "bomb threat". A thumb drive was found taped to the wall in the lav..

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AA 2412 MIA-BOS 1/2/14 cancelled due to weather
AA 1576 MIA-BOS 1/2/14 delayed about half an hour due to weather
AA 1345 MIA-JFK 1/3/14 cancelled (weather)

It was a fun time getting home... :-P
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AA 4253, 3223, 4326 ORD-YYZ cancelled Assume weather

2325, 2329 DFW-ORD cancelled assume weather

Interestingly DFW->YYZ flights are OK
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Maybe it would be a good idea to also have another thread for 2014 travel disruption notices/policies? Might be useful to many at the moment and I couldn't find one (sorry if I missed one!)
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Without Posting to Every Delay Thread That is Active

At 6:00 PM CST every major American airport but two or three in the very far west are shown as Delayed or Very Delayed. Every single one. Most the latter. If you are coming back from abroad it is a backlogged mess everywhere, even though the weather in DFW is cold, clear, and flyable.

Hopefully you have trip disruption insurance, a hotel, and understanding employers, because there isn't much they can do to get you home soon.

On the good side, we just got to go to coffee with some old friends from New York who got cancelled by Southwest after they landed at Love Field. They are stuck in Texas till Tuesday, and have a rather circular mileage run route home at that. Except they didn't want a mileage run. The agent mentioned thousands of passengers are stuck all over the country because aircraft are out of place, crews timed out, etc.

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Originally Posted by jayer View Post
If you are coming back from abroad it is a backlogged mess everywhere, even though the weather in DFW is cold, clear, and flyable.
This isn't an issue because of DFW, this is an issue because of the whole eastern part of the US.
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Anyone know why 1281 BOS-DFW scheduled for 3:30 PM cancelled today?
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Originally Posted by Ambraciot View Post
Anyone know why 1281 BOS-DFW scheduled for 3:30 PM cancelled today?
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AA27 (DFW-ICN) delayed 7+ hours

Nevermind- called AA and got rebooked on the morning direct flight because I had to cancel the ORD hotel to prevent the fee. I'll probably call again for ORC after getting back. Looks like I have 7 more hours to enjoy Seoul!

AA27 today is estimated to depart at 5:25pm (scheduled 10:10am)... Anyone know why?

I'm taking the same a/c out of ICN (currently showing 12:30am departure... ugh) and continue DFW-ORD(overnight)-PIT. I'm actually ok with taking the delayed flight and staying at DFW instead of ORD as long as they rebook me on the first DFW-PIT direct next morning, which I guess they will do (there is availability).

However I want to know the chance of this flight actually being operated according to the revised time before further committing to this change (i.e. cancelling the ORD hotel).


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Multiple diversions into JFK because of WX and equipment failure at JFK.

SJO-JFK AA/2293 to BWI

All those look like "normal" diversions -- refuel and and onward.

This one looks odd, though:
SAN-JFK AA/66 to PHX (didn't even make it to the East Coast); landed 1050am and expected new takeoff 5pm (!) awaiting inbound new equipment from DFW... some kind of mechanical issue too? EF doesn't say

Gonna be lots of unhappy misconnects at JFK tonight.
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AA 1289 was late leaving PHL this morning due to WX. I was almost asleep when about 5 minutes after takeoff there was a loud bang that everyone could hear. The pilot came on and said there was a static discharge. It was a first for me, but now I know what to expect.
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was ATC screwing around with AA 44 (las-jfk) 1/11/14?

AA 44 left las on time and it was announced we would arrive (early) 3:55 pm. Based on weather conditions, about 90 minutes before arrival we were put on a 20 minute hold, when the hold was released the captain said we would now arrive at 4:15 pm--it was clear that the plane was not in a landing pattern, and (due to fuel issues), we were diverted to Syracuse (NY) for refueling...flt. departed at 6:15 pm, and was (now) scheduled to arrive at JFK 40 minutes later. At the point where we should have been descending for jfk, it was announced that a new hold of 25 minutes was in place, due to lots of other flts. being delayed...25 min. stretched to 35 min. and since we were now (again) low on fuel, there was a possibility of another diversion. The plane ultimately landed at close to 8 pm...but once at the gate it took 10 minutes to find an agent to operate the jetway.
Some side notes: (1)there were many people connecting to European flts. (CES in las ended on 1/10/14), I'm sure few (if any) made their connecting flts.
(2)JFK T8 general issue: about 100 people were on line waiting for taxis, which were "dribbling" in every 5 minutes.
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