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Back-to-back or "nested" ticketing questions, discussion (consolidated)

Back-to-back or "nested" ticketing questions, discussion (consolidated)

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Back to Back or "Nested" Tickets - Discussion

Ticket validity: Compliance with terms and conditions of sale (link)

American specifically prohibits practices commonly known as:

  • Back-to-back ticketing: The combination of two or more roundtrip excursion fares end to end for the purpose of circumventing minimum stay requirements.

Where a ticket is invalidated as the result of the passenger's non-compliance with any term or condition of sale, American has the right in its sole discretion to:
  1. Cancel any remaining portion of the passenger's itinerary
  2. Confiscate unused flight coupons
  3. Refuse to board the passenger or check the passenger's luggage
  4. Refuse to refund an otherwise refundable ticket
  5. Assess the passenger for the reasonable remaining value of the ticket, which shall be no less than the difference between the fare actually paid and the lowest fare applicable to the passenger's actual itinerary

Typically, these are tickets purchased to evade minimum stays such as seven days or Saturday night. E.g. Consultant John Doe flies AUS-SEA Monday, returns Thursday; he buys nested round trip excursion tickets using coupon 1 of ticket 1 outbound, coupon 1 of ticket 2 return, the coupons #2 the following week, etc. AA hates John Doe. AA wants Mr. Doe to stop it.

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Originally Posted by miadukes View Post
Thanks, I had to idea what it was called but figured if i posted here someone would know. Yes, since its Europe my tolerance is so so, i wanted to know the details before doing anything and no I probaby wouldn't now knowing what you guys said but I might do it i i can book on two different carries, that will not a be a problem right since presumably one carrier will not know about the other so they technically it shouldn't violate anything? I haven't quite worked out if there are that signifact savings this way as opposed to just paying maybe $100 ore for the outright tickets, I really have to do the math and see if it makes sense since it would require all sorts of keeping up with tickets. but thank you guys, i won't try to pull this off with just AA since like PP said, I do not want to have an issue down the line.
I can't stress enough that for 2 or 3 tickets the chances of AA doing anything is basically 0%. If you need the AA miles then just book everything on AA and don't worry about it, you will be fine. Or if you're still feeling paranoid then you could always book 1 or 2 on AA and the others on a partner like BA, IB, etc. so you would still earn a few miles.

Nested ticket "issues" are a relic of the past when Saturday night stays were required all over, the language remains in the C of C but I couldn't tell you last time (if ever) there were any reports around here of AA giving anyone any trouble. As I mentioned above AA is just happy to take your money for all the tickets rather than try and cause any trouble.
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