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JDiver Apr 5, 09 6:03 pm

PIT / Pittsburgh International Airport Admirals Club (master thread)[
PIT / Pittsburgh International Airport Main Lobby Mezzanine Admirals Club

liveon777 Jun 1, 10 1:11 pm

PIT / Pittsburg Int'l. Airport Admirals Club (master threads)
Haven't been in the actual cub at PIT in a while. How is it?

And, more importantly is it worth the day pass? (I'm actually flying UA in F, so not sure if I get comped access or have to pay). I know, I know this has been brought up a million times in various threads, but I don't usually pay much attention b/c I have had a club membership for years, just not anymore)

TPJ Jun 1, 10 1:23 pm

Originally Posted by liveon777 (Post 14057781)
How is it?

And, more importantly is it worth the day pass? (I'm actually flying UA in F, so not sure if I get comped access or have to pay).

How is it? Quite empty these days... it still remembers times PIT was a hub for US. But not that empty as one would think...

There are some breakfast items in the morning, some snacks during the day.

The design is quite interesting... kind of cubicles with armchairs and not an open space as with other lounges...

F on UA will not get you a complimentary access. However, you will get access if you hold a non-UA/US/CO *A Gold card.

USFlyer26 Jun 1, 10 1:28 pm

If you're going to be waiting around for more than an hour, I'd go for the day pass. The PIT club is still one of my favorites, as I'm in there at least once a week. The Club agents are awesome, and I love Joann, the 80+ year old bartender! They're starting to spruce up the club a lot - new blinds, and talk of new furniture and new carpeting. It was decently crowded last night, but you can still find a quiet corner to work or relax.

Being on United in F, you're not automatically granted club access. If you're flying int'l on UA, then I'm not 100% sure...they'd probably let you in.

Steel216 Nov 27, 10 9:53 am

PIT Club Access
Quick question I'm hoping some locals from Pittsburgh or frequent travelers to the Steel City can answer for me:

I really only fly American (yeah, I drank the Kool Aid,) and am traveling out of PIT tonight on AA. There is no Admirals Club (of which I am happily a member) at PIT but they do have a US club (of which my father is a member.)

What should my father say to get a gate pass at the US counter so he can get me into the club? As mentioned, I'm on AA, and I'm not sure how believable a "business meeting" is on the Saturday evening after T'giving as the excuse to get a gate pass?

Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions?


SFO777 Nov 27, 10 9:58 am

An Amex Platinum or Centurion card will get you into the US Airways Club even though you are not flying US.
I was on AA a couple weeks ago and went to the club fully prepared to buy a day pass. The agent said just the Amex card is all they need.

TiredOfTooMuchTravel Nov 27, 10 10:00 am

A club membership in itself will not get the member a gate pass. The only way to get a gate pass without actually traveling is to have a meeting room in the club reserved.

tacostuff Nov 27, 10 5:18 pm

Can someone explain why the PIT club closes at 5:15 on Sat night?
Sitting at the gate right now for my flight after being thrown out of the PIT club at 5:15 when it closed on a saturday night. There must have still been 30-40 people in there, probably most being amex plat guests (my guess). Seems silly that it would close so early. Doesn't US get paid each time an amex member enters? If so, i have to imagine that they would make money if the club stayed open.

PHL Nov 27, 10 5:59 pm

How many more US flights depart after 515pm? That may be the answer right there....

Flahusky Nov 27, 10 6:46 pm

Posted Closing Time is 5:15pm
Per the posted schedule on US Airways club website:
Pittsburgh closes @ 1715 hours

Location: Pittsburgh;
Main lobby past security, Mezzanine level

Contact: 412-472-1970

Sun - Fri 5:30 AM - 8:15 PM
Sat 5:30 AM - 5:15 PM
Conference rooms: 3

richinaz Nov 27, 10 9:13 pm

I'm kind of surprised you had that many people in there. The couple of times I've been in there this year it has been like a ghost town. A dozen at most.

Club hours in general are disappointing to me. I was in one of the PHX lounges and the lady tells me they close at 5pm so I had to walk down to the other lounge (I guess 2 of the 3 lounges close at 5pm and the other around 8pm).

Same for early flights. Not only are the airport restaurants not open, neither are the lounges.

I guess you can't have everything but I share your annoyance.

WASBLR Nov 27, 10 9:40 pm

As PHL pointed out, there aren't many flights leaving after 5:15p on Saturdays. I think US' last flight for the day on Saturdays is a 5:45p flight to PHL. So 5:15p makes sense.

That said, some other US clubs leave much before last flight. Sundays at RDU or DCA comes to mind.

TiredOfTooMuchTravel Nov 27, 10 10:44 pm

Originally Posted by WASBLR (Post 15312001)

That said, some other US clubs leave much before last flight. Sundays at RDU or DCA comes to mind.

DCA is open 9pm on Sundays. What leaves after 9pm out of DCA??

BoeingBoy Nov 27, 10 10:54 pm

About 15 flights with the latest departures at 10:05pm.


BF263533 Nov 28, 10 12:23 am

Originally Posted by TiredOfTooMuchTravel (Post 15312726)
DCA is open 9pm on Sundays. What leaves after 9pm out of DCA??

DCA is a little different. Senators, Congressman and other government officails may be arriving or there may be a delayed flight for our privileged.

Northwest always had a premium wine at their DCA club versus the cheaper stuff at their other clubs.

Its our privileged.

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