WSJ AA Mags for Miles Question

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WSJ AA Mags for Miles Question

In September of 2008, I redeemed 3,300 AA miles for a 230 issues subscription to the Wall Street Journal. I started receiving the newspaper in December. My father also has an AA Advantage account and we live together at the same address. His AA miles expire in the middle of June. I figure that my current subscription is going to end in late September so even if my father redeems his at the latest possible time before they expire and it takes the same amount of time to begin the subscription as it did mine, the subscriptions would overlap. This leads to my main question. Will the company that AA Magazines for Miles contracts with know to "extend" the subscription since it's the same address or will they deliver two newspapers each day for a while until the first subscription ends? It took about 3 months for the subscription to begin last fall so I don't know if that's still the case, but if they have sped things up, we could be getting two WSJ's each morning until the first one expires. What would you all do in my situation?

I know I could take the safe route and have my father redeem 500 points for a magazine we aren't really interested in, just to extend the expiration date of the miles and then wait until the first WSJ subscription to end before using the miles to start another one, with a possible 3 month lag time before the first WSJ arrived. However, I thought I would ask here for your opinions.
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Check to see if there is a participating restaurant in the AA rewards network dining for miles program near you.


If there is, create an account for your father, find the cheapest restaurant and charge something there. This will extend the expiration date of your father's mileage account for another 18 months.

My guess is that you will receive 2 subscriptions. Many husbands & wifes receive 2 papers so that each can take a paper to their respective offices. Something to keep in mind, in the past my wsj subscription continued several months after it was due to expire. YMMV
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When you start to receive duplicates call WSJ and say that you meant to extend the subscription. This has worked every time I have done it with other publications even though they say you can't extend subscriptions.
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Greetings, Vitaforce!

As Paul3456 suggested, there are many easy and/or free/cheap ways to keep your father's miles from expiring so that you can redeem that subscription later. membership, eShopping iTunes purchase for $1, etc. For more information, check out this wiki page as well as the threads referenced at the bottom of that page:
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Try putting the new subscription on hold

WSJ (and some other newspapers) let you put delivery "on hold" when you're going to be away. They won't deliver during that time and it extends the subscription. So, you could place your order for the new subscription and let it start, then put it on hold until the old subscription expires. I'm not sure how long the "hold" will last (DH does this for us but we are usually gone 2 weeks or less). You could call them and ask. If Hawk XPII's suggestion doesn't work, you could try this.
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I did something similar awhile back. I ordered the 2nd subscription and after the first day it arrived I called the WSJ directly and asked them to merge the two subscriptions, effectively extending my primary subscription by 6 months. Only the first day's paper was wasted.

The only caveat is this wasn't with miles. I purchased my second subscription through a third party that was offering a discount, but I believe it should be the same scenario as your situation.
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i found i was lucky to get 9 months of delivery for my 1 year subscription............
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Originally Posted by slawecki View Post
i found i was lucky to get 9 months of delivery for my 1 year subscription............
The Mags for Miles program is for 230 issues/39 weeks/9 months. So you got what you ordered.

I've been renewing my WSJ subscription for years using miles from different airlines. I renew 3 months prior to expiration and they always add it to my current subscription. However, if you're adding a subscription under a different name, they'll probably deliver two issues. As suggested above, just call WSJ customer service and I'm sure they'll combine the two subscriptions.
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Thanks for the info on the WSJ issue. I'll keep that in mind for next time. My Dad was happy to find out that you can order a magazine with miles and have it sent to someone else, so that's what he did. When I was helping him out, I also noticed there was a section called Newspapers for Miles. However, you had to enter your Advantage Number, password, etc on a website before you could even look at the offerings. We were uncomfortable doing that. Just curious if anyone has used it and if there are any "national" newspapers available, such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, etc?
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