Any recent concurrent Gold/Plat Challenge success or failure?

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Any recent concurrent Gold/Plat Challenge success or failure?

Anyone have any concurrent Gold and Platinum Challenge successes or failures?

I did a search and nothing really current. I don't really want to sign up for Gold then have an agent say no to Plat. Not sure if you could go sign up for Plat then Gold.

I'm probably going to switch to AA after May. I have been an AA elite before with some limited flying and would like to earn more miles in my AA account.

I have enjoyed my years at UA, but the company really seems to be going in the wrong direction post-bankruptcy. Cutbacks in in-flight service, the glacial Website improvements, but particularly the horrible customer service provided at MP and the call centers is infuriating. UA has so much potential, but squanders it down a gold-plated executive Elk Grove toilet.

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I had a somewhat similar situation come up.. I was on a Gold challenge, completed it quick (one month) and then my flying pattern changed real fast to the point where Plat would have been more appropriate. I called and they wouldn't let me switch it or anything, I had to start a new challenge... which I did, because I'll still hit it.

But still, would have been nice to count the 5,000 qpts I'd already earned on the Gold challenge towards Plat.. oh well. At least now I'm earning miles towards stickers and a whopping 25% bonus, right? (hey, everything counts)

Now if I can get rid of these stupid CRJ segments where my butt falls asleep.. but that's too much to ask.

proud member of the 500-qpts-at-a-time "segments" challenge club, thanks, flights to places like FNT, DTW, IND, etc!
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Check out this thread:

Signed up for Platinum Challenge, given Gold along the way
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When I did a successful "double challenge" last year, I had called up a bunch of times asking to sign up for the platinum challenge, and almost every time they looked my up in the system, saw that I was already signed up for the gold challenge, and then asked me if I wanted to switch the gold challenge for the platinum challenge. If they go through this procedure on the phone, you know you will not be successful. You need to keep trying (acting cluelessly--I sweated the possibility of getting the same CS rep who would remember me and then put a negative note in my record), until someone doesn't ask that (because they didn't check) and just signs you up.

In fact I had already done the flights, in a 2.5-day double FLY3 set of MRs (total of 15 segments), and did one last "feeble" phone call attempt before any flights posted, and success happened. So I earned Gold about 2/3rds of the way through that set of MRs, and two months later did a mid-week 5-segment 23.5-hour transcon MR w/ red-eye direct return (IAD-DFW-SJC-SAN-LAX-IAD) on the DOUBLE06, achieving Platinum 19 miles before landing in SJC (and so getting the 100% Plat bonus for that segment).

Good luck,

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Caveat lector - not fact, perhaps partial recollection

I'm not sure I remember this very well, so take it with a grain of salt until you or I can do a good search... but it seems I recall that those who were "switched" from a Gold challenge to a Platinum challenge never actually had the Gold cancelled - in at least some instances. Again, this is strictly anecdotal, and maybe we can post here or find the instances reported and link (I or another mod can merge to preserve the entirety of this good idea in one thread for future reference.)
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Gold to Plat

I started a Gold challenge effective 1/16. In Feb my travel schedule increased, and I asked (by phone) to switch to Plat challenge - was politely told No a couple of times. I also tried an email to customer service, and was switched to Plat challenge (with credit for the Gold challenge flights) by return email.

Don't know if I'm still on the Gold challenge - guess I'll find out in a week or so when I roll over 5 K points.
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Thanks for all the replies so far.
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