Credit where Credit is Due

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Credit where Credit is Due

It is really great when AA front line employees go above and beyond. Yesterday I landed in MIA from LAX and as we taxied in, I had a message from AA that my gf's flight to MIA from LGA was delayed. As I had bought her the ticket they had my contact, and even though she was in F she wasnt entitled to the AC. However, with the 3 hour delay I told her to go up to the AC, give my AAdvantage number and flight I just arrived in at MIA in F - i am a 20 year AC member. The gent at the LGA AC looked me up, and said, please make sure you tell your bf we really appreciate his business and ushered her in. Great job AA
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Thanks for reporting a positive experience. Talk about great customer service.
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That's great-- thanks for reporting it....
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It's nice, but I would have taken that for granted and not considered it above and beyond. Maybe I've just been spolied by AA!

When my partner was a lowly PLT and we would frequently meet up at ORD to fly out of the country, she was routinely given access to the FL by showing that she and I were traveling together, even before I arrived in ORD. Since she is EXP this year it's no longer an issue.

But I have to admit the message to you was definitely great customer service.
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This might be common at the AC, but not with the Red Carpet Club or elsewhere. So I think the compliment is well deserved.
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