Ovenight connections: baggage and boarding pass (consolidated)

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In MIA right before Christmas...

On a late flight from Punta Cana/SJU. We arrived at 1:00, leaving at 6:15. Went to the hotel (provided from the first connecting flight from Punta Cana) with only our carryons - they checked them through to our final destination. We were prepared, so it was no big deal.

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I called AA because I have a 10 hour overnite. On the phone, they said bags would be checked through. What happens when I get to ORD is another story.
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This came up recently, and I'd found this thread at that time. The info from jrhone (who I would trust to be an authority on this) is now about a year old, but it's seems pretty clear that it's not policy to check bags all the way through when on an overnight connection.

I would assume exceptions do happen, but I'm not planning it for my trip to the islands this summer. I'm currently booked all the way through on the LAX redeye, and trying to decide if we can pack just enough that we're comfortable taking with us to the hotel to overnight in MIA instead (2 year olds and 6+ hour redeyes on a 757 are not a good combination).
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These threads have been consolidated into one - the original thread is listed and linked to in the Unofficial Users' Guide sticky (under "Baggage.")
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I have checked bags through SAL-MIA-ORD[overnight]-TVC

My wife was NOT allowed to check through MIA-ORD[overnight]-TVC

I was NOT allowed to check through SFO-ORD[overnight]-TVC

Seems pretty random to me.
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More feedback:

Recently I checked by bags through:

Recently I was NOT allowed to check my bags through:

Sure wish I could figure out what the system likes about one overnight in ORD versus another.
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Question US - Heathrow - Russia

We're going to have an overnight connection at Heathrow on our way from the US to Russia. We've been told we will be able to choose whether to check our bags to London or all the way to Russia. (Last leg is on BA. First two on AA.) We're inclined to check our bags all the way through (with a change of clothes in our one carry-on) to avoid having to take then through UK customs (arriving) and security (departing, which we've heard takes extra time). Any opinions/advice on that strategy versus the increased chance of lost luggage if they are checked all the way through?
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Most of the posts in this thread are from before AA starting charging the common folk for bags.

If you do have to recheck, do they make you pay baggage fees a second time for the same itinerary?

Example: MIA-LAX, last in, and you have to reclaim bags. Then, the following morning, LAX-HNL, first out, and you have to check the same bags. Do you get charged twice?
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Overnight in MIA - Checked Luggage?

Flying AA - RDU-MIA-MGA. I called AA and couldn't get a definite answer, thought I might actually get one here ^

I have a 14 hour overnight layover in MIA. I can probably carry-on everything if I HAVE TO. But, I would prefer to check one heavier bag and carry on a lighter one.

I was wondering what the chances are they will let me check a bag all the way thru RDU-MGA and just how secure will my stuff be in MIA sitting overnight.

If I have to reclaim the bag and recheck in MIA I think I will force myself to pack lighter and simply carry on all I am traveling with.

Advice? Thoughts?
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Is it all on one ticket? If so they should check it through for you.

If they don't, there is storage at Miami airport, you can claim your bag and leave it there, pick it up later. Open from 5 am to 11 pm according to the website.

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Please continue to follow this thread in the AA Forum.
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would rechecking the bag in mia result in a 2nd bag fee for you?....good luck...
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I've had overnight connection in MIA three times. Once they allowed me to check it in all the way and I didn't have to pick it up, this was on a 12 hour lay over.
4 months later (on the EXACT same route with exact same flights) they did not allow me to do so. the 3rd time they also said No since my connection was more than 4 hours.

I think it's up to the gate agent when you check-in.

Good luck!
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There are several threads in this forum that cover the topic. This one's a little old, but has been active with posts this month (search terms: overnight baggage check). But see jrhone's posts on page one - he is by far the closest you'll get to the "real" answer, and I doubt things have changed significantly since his posts.

This thread discusses that if you're under 12 hours, it might work.

But I wouldn't count on it. As one more recent data point, I tried to do this in MIA last December, and was unable. Had to claim my bags and re-check them in the morning, on an under 12 hour connection to the Caribbean.
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With the baggage handling issues cropped up ever so often in MIA, do you really want to leave your bag(s) for extended long hours?
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