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dtc Sep 24, 06 7:29 pm

Switch to BWI-MIA-SFO instead of BWI-JFK-SFO?
Currently I'm book BWI-JFK-SFO 4541/85 later this week.

I'd really like to angle for BWI-MIA-SFO 2443/367 to earn a few extra EQM. It departs about 1 hour later than the former.

Unfortunately, changing the ticket would be a $TooMuch at this time.

Any thoughts on how I could potentially get this arrangement changed?

One clue that I did find was that the JFK-SFO seat map is completely full. Could I ask them to bump me to MIA-SFO instead at BWI?

JGR01 Sep 24, 06 8:05 pm

Was in BWI last week.

The ticket counter when I was there about 1pm was one First Class line and maybe one in coach and two in the self-service bag check area.

They really did not look like they had a lot of people to make changes at the ticket counter ..

MIA-SFo is three nonstop 757SlaveShips and a one-stop Slaver.

Whereas you appear to be on a 763 (1:55pm Eagle to JFK).

I would think the BWI people would not be willing to route you via MIA since they are not in control of the JFK-SFO flight (why would BWI care if JFK will have an oversold flight).

Me . I would probably take the Eagle to JFK and see what they do there .. there is a 5:55pm flight JFK-SFO that might be a good fallback for a bump on the earlier one ..

I would also probably prefer to tranfer at JFK rather than MIA .. but YMMV.

Tho it never hurts to ASK ....

HNL Sep 25, 06 11:11 am

There is noting you can do until at least 3 hours before flight time. This page on details the "Same-Day Travel Changes Program."

For a $25 fee you can get a same-day standy-by confirmed over the phone, assuming space available. Alternatively you can also ask to go standby on another flight at no cost when you are at the airport.

skAAtinsteph Sep 25, 06 11:52 am

I was booked DFW-STL-DCA and was looking for a few more miles and jsut went to the check in agent and he offered me JFK or MIA no problem. Turned out not to be worth it and I stayed with STL but either way they didn't seem to care at that point

dtc Sep 29, 06 1:44 pm

Just to wrap up on this, the very nice agent at the First Class line at the check-in counter at BWI did this with ease. So now I'm going BWI-MIA-SFO instead of BWI-JFK-SFO.

That's a good thing as I get 500 more miles, and avoid the T9-T8 transfer (JFK-SFO would've been from the evil Gate 4x). I'd prefer not to have to declare my fluids all over again.

Unfortunately, it looks like BWI-MIA is running 10+ minutes late - which puts my transfer at 30minutes or less at MIA. I have a bad feeling about this - would hate to be stuck at MIA overnight!

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