multiple companion upgrades w/ stickers

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multiple companion upgrades w/ stickers

I have three PNR's of my family travelling on same days (out/return) in USA. I am EXP, and am travelling on same PNR and flights and days as my son. I understand I can upgrade him and use stickers (since not on Y/B fare), but my EXP upgrade would be complimentary without stickers deducted.

On the return I am travelling with my son (my PNR), and two twin daughters (on different PNR). EXP desk told me I cannot request upgrade stickers for my daughters (well not exactly but I got this impression.) I also would like to request upgrades using sticker for my wife and daughters on thier outbound which is seperate form my outbound.

I have linked all three PNRs (wife is other PNR) in hoping this would work, though it seems there was little benefit in terms of upgrades to do so.

Am I trying to skirt the "one companion" term in EXP T&C?

Is this something I can ask about at check-in or the gate if their are open seats that I am willing to use stickers before the flight departs so that "we can sit together" (on the return at least)?


P.S. Also I know this could work with eVIP's, and I used a 6 in March 2006, and the agent at the time said she would extend the expiration of those expiring Feb 28 2006, but alas my eVIP balance shows otherwise. Any luck in getting them to correct this, which now would mean essentially "giving" me 8 evips.

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For stickers, you can upgrade yourself and one other person. You must be traveling for this to work. Sounds like what they agent told you was right on the money.

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Originally Posted by STAM4NICK
Am I trying to skirt the "one companion" term in EXP T&C?
Not sure how this would be considered "skirting" the term in the T&C. Trying to upgrade 3-4 companions would seem to be flat-out ignoring the 1 companion rule.

Your only real options here would be to use miles or VIPs to upgrade your wife/daughters. Otherwise if the flight is wide open in F on the day of flight, if you use the kiosk to check in, AA is offering buy-ups to F for about $50/500 miles. There's a thread by JonNYC somewhere around here discussing the details of this program. I wouldn't count on it though.
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You will only be able to upgrade yourself and one companion. Pretty much no way to upgrade the daugthers on the return, let alone your wife and daughters (who are traveling on an entirely different flight) on the outbound with stickers. Maybe time to sign them up for a challenge
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I have upgraded 3 people many times. just up grade one person at the check in counter and request the second one at the gate. this has worked many times for me.
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Only way I've ever had it work is to be VERY nice to the G/A and hope she'll do an "off the record" upgrade for the companion still seated in the back by moving them to the front after the flight has boarded. Apparently the computer will not let you upgrade more than one other person.
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Wife is elite too. More than once we have each upgraded a travel partner, and for some reason both of the sticker withdrawals were taken from one of our accounts. All this proves is that there isn't a system control that prevents two sticker withdrawals for the same flight but is anecdotal evidence that multiple upgrades can happen.
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