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Volvic Apr 11, 06 8:46 am

LX and AA, any change in treatment in ZRH ?
Hi all,
I'm looking for a the last bit of information before doing a sort of BA 'tier point' run with AA.

Starting point:
after a lot of years I'll be back to the USA for business reasons and I'd like to maximize the number of tier points I could sqeeze out of this flight. Initially I planned something all with BA and I got a lot of info in the BA forum (if interested please refer to my initial question ). When I tried to finalize it I discovered I can not without doubling or more the price and you can imagine my boss simply told 'no way'. My travel agent for once earned her fee whem she informed me of an 'illogical' promotion/rate. It seems there's a business class fare more or less based only on AA mileage (mix of EU hub and maximum mileage, 13K ?) so that I could pay less and get a lot more BA tier points if I fly with AA via ZRH.

I know, I'll loose the EU-US flights ( :mad: ) but I could attach a lot of short F flights (permitted in this price) to fully compensate and even gain more BA tier points. ^ ^ ^

The trick seems to be working only via ZRH and here I see two things.

I can use the CHUSA promotion to top my old and sleeping AA account with a nice 20K miles, which it's a nice surprise but I must pass via ZRH and after the LX move to *A, I'm a bit concerned:
the feeder fligth to ZRH is AA coded but still operated by LX :confused:
the possibility to miss a connection is anyway to be considered and I feel better if the two airlines are more or less in 'friendly' terms.

My search showed a lot of entries but they were quite old, from 2004 and it was funny to read about future expectations of LX in OW.

Any recent experience (April 2006) of AA and LX via ZRH ?

number_6 Apr 11, 06 11:59 am

You need not be concerned with connecting flights in competing alliances. All of the interlining benefits are the same whether in the same alliance or not; this goes to your specific example of irregular operation and misconnects. The alliance advantages are things like priority baggage handling or higher baggage alliance, ability to issue boarding passes due to computer system compatibility, etc. You won't have those minor benefits, but otherwise flying LX/AA combo is perfectly fine. The AA/LX relationship is slowly unravelling as various contracts expire and are not being renewed, but for now there are still AA codeshares on LX as you pointed out. ZRH is a good airport and it is quite possible to make very close connections at ZRH (30 minutes is viable and I've done 15).

Volvic Apr 12, 06 2:38 am


MiamiPrep Apr 12, 06 7:12 am

ZRH Lounge Access

Originally Posted by number_6
ZRH is a good airport and it is quite possible to make very close connections at ZRH (30 minutes is viable and I've done 15).

I am flying JFK-ZRH (AA) - FCO (LX). It is an economy ticket, but will upgrade the AA flights with VIP. Will I have LX lounge access in ZRH?


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