Kudos to CX's handling of missed connections

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Kudos to CX's handling of missed connections

Greetings from Manila.

I left BOS Saturday on AA145. The flight was nice enough and the meal OK, but headwinds kicked our collective butt. Once at LAX, I went over to the CX lounge (kind of a pit) and found out my boss would be delayed coming from DFW due to weather. Oh well.

Headed over to the gate and got on CX883. The flight was very nice, though I have to say I prefer the new QF J seats. While the service and food were both quite good, the whole QF J experience ... seats, lighting, service, &c ... is superior.

Having said that, headwinds got us on that flight, too, and we ended up having to stop in Taipei to refuel. When we finally did get to HKG, I have to say I was amazed. I knew I would miss CX907 to MNL, and was prepared to queue for reassignement... but lo and behold! A very gentleman was waiting with a table filled with boarding passes. He took my old pass, handed me a new one, and I was off to the lounge for a double espresso to await the next flight to MNL. My boss was rerouted to the same flight. No fuss, no muss. They knew we would be late and did something about it before we got there.

In a world where the difference between a Uniformed Gate Agent and an Uninformed Gate Agent is really just the one letter, I was very pleasantly surprised. Kudos to CX... that made the whole flight.

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THAT is nice and very proactive! Thanks for sharing!
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And it is SOP for CX - most flights I arrive on there will be someone with a board with names on for people who have tight or missed connections.

And it doesn't have to be a CX flight you are arriving on - I came in on a CR Airways flight (small regional lo-co) on Sunday night and there were CX people at the gate (where the bus dropped us off) waiting for the passengers who had connecting flights on CX to guide them to the lounge / departure gate. And the flight was arriving 30 minutes early so you don't even have to have a problem to get this service.
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The TBIT and LAX as a gateway are well documented in the CX forum, FYI. As far as misconnects go after delays, CX always meets you at your inbound. IMHO, HKG is a model of how a hub should be run.
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