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ORDinary Gold Feb 17, 06 5:15 pm

Remember to confirm car rentals when delayed
Mrs. ORDinary Gold and ORDinary Gold, Jr. arrived at FLL almost 5 hours late due to weather yesterday. When they finally arrived at Budget to pick up their prereserved car, it was gone. Budget assumed they were a noshow and gave it away. I wish I had reminded them to call ahead when they knew they were going to be severely delayed. It's too late for them, but I thought I'd instead remind all my friends at FT.

IceTrojan Feb 17, 06 5:17 pm

What about that field where they ask for our incoming flight info?

You're right though... safest to assume that they don't even use that (darn) field.

Flailey Feb 17, 06 6:17 pm

Hertz asks for your flight info, and then updates your pickup time to reflect the moment it's scheduled to land (which makes no sense, they could add 30 minutes) and then if the flight is delayed will pull the res off the gold board after around 2 hours or so. If you're delayed an hour, and then it takes about an hour to get through customs or just over to the terminal, you're off the board. This happened to me all the time. I assumed that they linked the flight info to the computer, so it would update if the flight was late, otherwise what's the point?

In my experience, at least at the places I've been, they don't. Now I just set the time manually to an hour after landing and call at takeoff to push it back if the flight's running late. Seems to do me no good at all to input the flight number. Also doesn't seem to affect the price either, though who knows given my CDP perhaps it would.

But the OP's advice is right on for Hertz, though I dunno if this is the right forum for it. It's been a source of annoyance to say the least, and worse yet, you have to be aggressive about getting stamped on the way out or they'll have your time of pickup hours earlier and sometimes nail you for the extra day. Ugh.

Flyer23 Feb 17, 06 9:26 pm

Definitely not the right board, but a good topic anyway :)

Once, my parents came to meet me for dinner at ATL, prior to my driving to Columbus, GA. Before dinner, I stopped by Avis to make sure they wouldn't cancel my reservation, since I had scheduled the pickup time for around the time when my flight originally landed (not taking the dinner time into account), and they said that they hold onto reservations for 24 hours for Preferred members.

Of course, in times of heavy demand -- such as when there's bad weather and a lot of people are making last-minute bookings -- I'm guessing they might cancel earlier...

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