Haven't flown since July... itchy...

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Haven't flown since July... itchy...

It's bugging me... just have to get it out somewhere.

I had some pretty good runs documented in another posting. I won't recount them here. My last flight was out of LHR on July 7. I had flown there, BOS-LHR, during the day on the 6th for a meeting on the 7th. It did not happen, due to the bombings... in fact, I had to sign out of the building so they could assure anyone who might enquire that I was alive at a point in time. I actually made it back to LHR that day.

Note: If you ever need a lesson in how to handle a crisis, ask any random Brit.

But that isn't what kept me on the ground... I was scheduled for shoulder surgery on July 8. No travel permitted afterward. SLAP lesion repair (google it) prevented me lugging luggage. I had 58.5k q-miles and 76.3 q-points to that date. Stil do.

Now, the shoulder is better and I may get one more run in November to put me over the top for EXP. I'm ready to go (gosh the new b-class seats on QF are nice), but the commitment to do the tour is iffy.

I'm itchy... I need to get out there. I need to fly.
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