PLT Upgrade Notification

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PLT Upgrade Notification

I recently got PLT status, and I am wondering how often you get the 3-day notification of upgrade.

On GLD status, if I didn't receive a notification right after the 24hr window opened, it usually meant that the FC seats were filled and I wouldn't get the upgrade.

I have a reservation on a flight from JFK-SJC on Thursday, and when I didn't receive a notification last night I checked the available seats on There are still several seats open in FC.

Should I be concerned if I haven't yet received an upgrade confirmation? I know I am on the list, I used the PLT-line automatic system to check.
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Depends on the route and how sold FC is. Weekend LAS flights, for example, seem to clear at the 4 hour window. 75% of the time it is at 72 hours, the balence being anywhere from 48 ~ 4 hours. YUMV
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PLT upgrades very often clear just before the 24-hour GLD window opens (i.e. >24 hours and <72 hours). However, in markets with reasonable FC fares, like on routes where AA competes with AirTran or America West, a lot more FC seats are being held and released for upgraders at the gate.
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Don't expect 72h upgrade notifications, this only occurs if there is lot's of inventory available and little demand.

The logic for the auto-upgrade is undoubtedly quite complex, on routes with YUP fares, high demand for paid and upgraded F seats and during peak travel times upgrades and inventory are held back. If your upgrade isn't cleared within the 24hr window you shouldn't loose priority to GOLD members.

The 72hr window is a courtesy, if you want to be assured of an f seat it gives you 72hrs to rebook on a flight where upgrade inventory is available, buy an f ticket, or wait out your chances.
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As a random data point, we recently flew JFK-SFO-JFK. I'm PLT

JFK-SFO - Seat map showed flight almost empty in coach. Upgrade cleared at about 71 hr 50 min. Business was completely full. Probably more people in biz than coach on the plane.

SFO-JFK - Seat map showed very crowded flight. When I checked about 5 hours before flight only 3-4 biz seats open on seat map. Upgrade cleared at about 2 hr 40 min. Business was completely full and coach almost completely full. I was suprised upgrades cleared.
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Thanks everyone for the responses. There are still 4-5 F seats left on this flight, I will wait to see what happens.
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The vast majority of my upgrades have cleared right at 72 hrs, howerver I fly mostly durring off hours.
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