Most miles used in a day

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Most miles used in a day

While claiming multiple awards I recently used over 500,000 miles in a day.

What's your record?
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Anyone can claim 500K miles at once (and in this era of triple miles that really isn't a lot!). Harder is to actually use them (as the title of your post says. This means the award travel must start and end the same day. Almost no-one ever does this except for a domestic round trip (40K on AAdvantage). I once burned 125K miles (not on AA though) for same-day roundtrip in F (and it was miles well spent, the purchased ticket alternative was over USD 10K). The trip was legitimate (I really couldn't remain overnight at my destination, tempting as that was).
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Originally Posted by number_6
Anyone can claim 500K miles at once (and in this era of triple miles that really isn't a lot!).
I found the title to mean exactly what was implied, that he claimed 500K miles from his account in one day, and I also found it to be interesting. I dont believe this happens often, even with 2X or 3X mile bonuses, which really has little to do with it. It could be four premum class international awards for 125K each, or maybe its 10-12 preimum class domestic awards. I'm impressed either way. I'm actually interested in where they are going.
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Our largest one day was 455,000 points. 5 coach "Anytime" seats to Hawaii (350,000 points) and 3 "Plan Ahead" coach seats to Guatemala (105,000).
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If you haven't already, check out the British Airways post-July 2003 award charts ... F from North America - Oz is 420,000 miles, F North America-Europe is 150,000-195,000 miles.

I'd imagine that some BA pax have redeemed a million miles in a day.
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Yeah, that's a lot....

The most miles I "spent" in a day is 375K - for 5 75K econ awards to Africa for friends. Now, if these would have been premium seats....I would have emptied my account in a day....
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520K this past month...

on 4 Biz seats on One World going to New Zealand. It was impossible to do the routing on Qantas exclusively, so I had to go the One World routing for 20k extra miles.

Swimmin' M
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Agree...500k is a LOT of miles.....

I agree with Island. 500,000 miles is quite a bit of miles to use no matter how you look at it. The most miles I've redeemed in one day is 180,000 miles. I'm curious AAalot. Where did you go to redeem those miles? I've been having a difficult time booking for trips even far out. I tried going to Madrid in December and although the MIA or JFK to MAD was available I couldn't get from DFW to MIA. Oh well. I also tried various trips for June and July and not possible to go in Y. I think all these various promotions are making it difficult to get seats.
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I emptied a whole load a few weeks ago. My family and I are flying NY to HKG very soon using six 70k awards plus one 140k (of course I'm selfish and put myself in F!) Did this 1 month in advance of departure

So I used up 560k in one day. I was surprised to get so many award seats on a HEAVY travelled week on AA and CX but after all the excitement, I realized that my goal of accumulating 1MM miles in my account (just for fun, mind you) has to start again as I am now down to "only" 380k in my account. I can't wait for them to offer a new Triple mile bonus or AANYC bonus so I have an incentive to rack up some more serious mileage!

I am hopelessly addicted to this AAdvantage program
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That's funny you could get away with flying upfront while your family is stuck in the back. That reminds me of a recent trip to Europe. I was near the gate when I saw this couple. The lady looked pissed and was not a happy camper. Of course her husband was being kind of an as*. He asked her if she wanted something to drink and she said yes....some water. He came back with a coke for him and nothing for her. Then he said he didn't get a bottled water since it was $3. His wife was so angry and started yelling at him in front of everyone and threw $3 at him.

As I was sitting down in 4F upfront in J I see the guy sit next to me while his wife was stuck in the back of the plane! Yikes. No wonder she wasn't happy. Ha, ha.
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I redeemed 910,000 QF points in one transaction. It was for 7 RTW OneWorld awards (all in Y) for my family vacation. But we spent 84 days travelling to complete the "transaction" .

Previously I spent 585,000 QF points on two business class tickets BNE-MEL-SIN-LHR-KBP return. I had to "buy" it as two sets of two tickets, with the BNE-LHR on QF and LHR-BKP on BA, but all at the same time using QF points.

So they are my two largest single day transactions. But remember that other airline's points may not have the same perceived "value" as AA miles. Some will say they are worth more, others will say they are worth less. And by the way, none of my QF points came from Starwood or magazine purchases .
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