irrops scheduling logic

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irrops scheduling logic

I'm guessing somebody knows the real reason scheduling is done this way. Flight 82 from dfw to SFO arrives late sched for 3:12. Flight then continues to Chicago at 3:31. These are both new times. They all know under the most wildest estimate you cannot unload and load a plane in 20 minutes. Surly they had all avail info when they first delayed the SFO to ord so why not a more realistic flight. I somewhat understand all the canned answers (swaps, new crew, etc) but the majority of the time it's usually updated at least 3 times before it goes out. There are no extra planes or crew here at SFO like a hub.
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Partly optimism, and partly to manage passengers.

It's possible that the delayed inbound will encounter more favorable winds, and arrive a bit ahead of the posted delayed time.

And if a plane ends up departing earlier than a posted delayed departure time, there's risk of passengers missing the flight. So they probably view it as lower risk to post delays as a best case as opposed to most realistic.
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Easyjet can do a 20 minute turnaround, probably Southwest can as well.
It helps if the passengers know what they are doing.
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This also signals a possible equpt substitution at SFO with the new departure time being quite accurate and those flying DFW-SFO-ORD (not many of them), being accommodated.
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irrops scheduling logic

it's now 4:08 we are still here. I'm not frustrated or upset as we are all certainly used to this, it just seems odd that everybody knew past 4:00 was inevitable hours ago so why not just post. again your not going to get an airplane or crew swap at a non hub airport.
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Sometimes that is actually a decision time on whether to cancel a flight. Could be a new crew will be needed and AA is trying to decide whether they can get a crew together, or whether they might do an equipment switch. Other times AA just doesn't update an impossible departure time.
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This is one of frustrating part of flying AA. They don't post realistic time in case of delay. This is frustrating cause the agents don't rebook you until a delay is posted and a connection is missed. By the time the delay is posted, all the flights that were available for rebooking are full

The usual reason of crew swap, equipment swap etc are just lame excuses. Its never happens. It maybe happens at the hubs, not sure how thats gonna happen at SFO.
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The good news is they don't hide the source plane details on the app. You just don't know if they will swap at a hub or just push the flight.

I have used the upline flight info to make alternative plans even when they don't push my actual flight fast enough into appropriate delaying.

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irrops scheduling logic

Today the 9am SFO to ORD was pushed back to 11. Cause, the lock on a door broke LAST night but yet they didn't change the flight time and of course missed the posted time. I think they have even given up on pretending to care. The only hope left is government action and a passenger bill of rights. Write your officials.
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AA has never been proactive about delays/cancellations. I gave up a while back and now, when I'm flying AA, I obsessively watch weather reports and flightaware, often book a refundable backup ticket from the connecting point on WN, and stay ready to multitask lounge agent + EXP line to try to get rebookings the instant AA admits the problem everybody else knew about hours ago.
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AA is the worst at this. I don't know if they really think they can turn a plane in 20 minutes (they can't even if some other airlines can) or they just don't give a crap about any credible communications with their customers (probably both), but I've never seen a realistic delay time posted in response to a late-arriving flight. It's maddening.
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