Something fishy is going on with my QR ticket issued by AA

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Something fishy is going on with my QR ticket issued by AA

I booked a ticket on the AA website KHI DOH LHR on QR and LHR YYZ on AA operated by BA. I got an eticket receipt from AA. However when I try to view the booking on the QR site (and the BA and Amadeus sites) the first segment that shows up is DOH LHR.

When I try to select seats on QR I get the following message "An error occurred during creation of your booking. Please contact your Travel Assistance Desk to check if the booking was successful and to obtain further assistance. (9015 - 6271)". I buy this same ticket frequently, albeit usually with a TA and never have issues selecting seats. Also, when I try and create an e-ticket receipt on the AA prefunds site, I also get an error which says to try again later.

Who do I call to "fix" this? Do I need to? I suspect AA will say everything is fine on their end and QR will say they don't see that first KHI-DOH segment. My main annoyance is that I want to select my seats on KHI-DOH-LHR but can't.

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You need the QR PNR. QR probably won't recognize the AA code.
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I also have something fishy going on with a Qatar reservation booked by AA. I initially had one AA PNR and one QR PNR. After a schedule change, I still have one AA PNR, but now have two for QR (schedule change was the AA codeshare was cancelled so they re-booked me under the QR Code). My original QR PNR shows my outbound and return, and my new second QR PNR just shows my return. I am able to select seats under both PNR and my party is now occupying all but one seat in row 26 on my DOH-ORD flight in October, despite only being four of us.

I understand your concern, despite being told several times by AA and Qatar everything is OK.
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I have the QR code and all the flights show up on the QR site except for KHI DOH and seat selection won't work.
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Try with the QR code.

I had issues with an AA-coded trip on QR metal earlier this month. I booked through orbitz. On orbitz, AA, and tripcase (Sabre) everything looked fine, all legs confirmed. On QR and CMT the last leg (AA coded LHR-DOH) was shown as waitlisted and I couldn't select seats. Orbitz and AA both repeatedly said everything was ok, all legs were HK (holding confirmed). QR said I was waitlisted. They also didn't show a middle LAX-JFK leg, but I didn't care since it was AA metal.

After about 4 calls to AA I finally got an agent that dug down and she saw what I saw and confirmed that the leg was confirmed on AA but waitlisted on QR. She had to call the help desk which got in touch with the QR rep and they worked to fix it. 24 hours later I was confirmed on QR and able to select seats.

AA insisted it was an issue with orbtiz, but I don't buy that as all legs were HK. It was the underlying AA-QR codeshare that was causing the problem and orbitz doesn't control that during ticketing.
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So here's what I did:

I used to "select seats" for the AA coded BA flight which gave me the BA conf #. I then went to check my trip and found the QR conf # (which was incidentally the same as the BA number) and I saw the incomplete itinerary.

However, I called QR and QR had a different PNR that shows KHI-DXB-LHR and YYZ-LHR-DXB-KHI but at least all the QR flights are there. And I was able to select seats without issue.
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