Same day change: AS operated codeshare to AA prime?

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Same day change: AS operated codeshare to AA prime?

Hey! I'm currently booked on a flight which includes as a final leg a codeshare flight on AS metal from LAX-YVR. Have a 6 hour standby in LAX. AS flight has an AA codeshare, if that helps.

Additionally, there is a flight which is operated by AA from LAX-YVR, same day, except 2 hours earlier.

Is it possible to do a same day flight change at LAX, switching operating carriers, or is this not permitted? I haven't been in such a situation before.
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Without checking to see if it can be done, from the looks of your profile you are EXP, so its free of charge to you, you are already in LAX anyway, give it a try. What is the worst that can happen, no, you cant and are stuck on the original routing. If you have access to the AAdmiral club, you can ask one of the angels in there as well.

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I've certainly done something similar switching from an AA-coded, US-operated flight to an AA-coded and operated flight (though this was last year, not recently - and I changed from a 2 segment trip to a non-stop).

I changed it at the Check-in desk as soon as I got to the airport and it took quite a while to do, as the agent had to go and find the US desk in order to get the change processed.

If your changes require them to go and find an AS desk to make the change, that might make it more complicated.

But it sounds like you have plenty of time!
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Since it's AA marketed, and presumably issued on AA ticket stock, I think moving from an AA-marketed AS-operated flight to an AA-marketed AA-operated flight would be relatively easy for AA to do all on their own. They'd have to reissue, but it shouldn't require AS's input–at least the way I understand things.
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