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Suggestion to Improve

I would like to post a suggestion that could improve the reservation process on

On the reservations home page, there is an option entitled "Choose a carrier" There are 2 selections, one is "All AA, AE, AX" and the other is "All Carriers". However, when trying to book an international itinerary, I would prefer to have a third selection that only includes AA's oneworld alliance partners. This option would eliminate all but oneworld carriers from the reservation process and make it faster and more efficient when putting together international itineraries.

Is this asking for too much? I vaguely recall that there used to be a web site that did allow reservations to be made based on alliance but this may no longer be the case. AA uses Sabre for its reservations but is this something that Sabre can easily deal with?

Pending feedback here on FT, I would like to send this request to Grateful for any comments as to whether this may be viable.
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I dunno how easy it would be to put in such a provision, but a "oneworld carriers" selection would be convenient indeed.
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I heartily concur with the request... I hate building international itineraries on

AA, make it easier for me to spend my money on OW partners please.

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I wish had a Southwest Airlines style booking engine where it would show you flights for the date you pick, each fare for those flights and allow you to click on the one you wanted that was available. That would render obsolete the "search by fare" VERSUS "search by schedule" - you'd basically be doing both for each leg. It'd be great. Plus they could change it to a drop down box: one-way, round-trip, multi-stop and then on that screen, ASK how many legs it is, then allow you put in the cities you're stopping at before reaching the screen I just described.

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That option can easily be implemented. If you look at the source for you'll see...

<INPUT TYPE="radio" VALUE="AA"....

All they would need to do is add a subroutine that selected only OW carriers.

I can think of a few things I'd like AA to add.
  • Ability to upgrade online using miles.
  • Ability to redeem Incentive/Gift certs online.
  • Search by fare code.
  • Fare code viewable for every fligth option.
  • Low fare finder - Similiar to HP's
  • Meal indication - A meal icon on flights scheduled for food service. Alaska does this.

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