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IceTrojan Jan 8, 15 7:23 pm

Problems booking AA codeshares on JL?
For 3 itineraries now, I've been unsuccessful at trying to book LAX-SGN and back via NRT. The complete double-open-jaw routing:

Apr 3
LAX-NRT on AA metal
NRT-SGN on JL metal with a codeshare

Apr 29
SGN-NRT on JL metal with a codeshare
NRT-LAX on AA metal
LAX-SEA on AS metal (with and without a codeshare)

Each time before heading to the airport, I would try, which would say either the price is no longer valid (but would give me other invalid prices) or simply that AA doesn't serve those cities. I have been able to book online before in the past.

Went to the airport to try to ticket there, but no dice... the agent can get it to price correctly in the intial lookup stages, but when she sends it to confirm the pricing (direct connect for those who understand Sabre parlance), it gets kicked back with the SGN-NRT sector as unconfirmable (UC2).

On my first itinerary, I had to drop an extra LAX-SEA segment at the end (of all things) and got it to ticket at a slightly higher price.

On #2, they had to force SGN-NRT into the JL flight number.

On this latest one, neither of the above "tricks" worked, and the system refuses to price.

In each instance, it was always that pesky SGN-NRT leg that mucked everything up. EF shows the flight to be wide open in all buckets on both the JL and AA flight numbers. Agents suspect that JL isn't releasing inventory for some reason. I think there's some sort of weird glitch that's preventing AA's and JL's systems from communicating with each other correctly.

Has anyone else had this sort of experience or have any ideas?

CaptainEasychord Jan 8, 15 9:30 pm

Yes! A few weeks ago, I was looking to get a ticket from NYC to SGN and back, and it was a huge headache. On at times, I literally could not find an economy fare that would price successfully; any flight combination would just give an error.

I tried many, many times, and sometimes nothing would work, but sometimes I could get a less-than-ideal itinerary to finally go through. Finally I settled for JFK-NRT/HND-SGN with the second leg a JL flight number. The return was all AA numbers (SGN-NRT-ORD-EWR).

So my only advice is keep trying, settle, or likely both.

zarkov505 Jan 8, 15 11:26 pm *ROUTINELY* has major problems trying to talk to JAL.

I think I'm in double digits on trouble report emails to AA about it over the last several years. For whatever reason, does *NOT* want to expend valuable employee time and money fixing it.

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