Pilot double-duties as ticket agent at OGG

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Pilot double-duties as ticket agent at OGG

Funny thing seen before last night's OGG-SJC flight...

One of the gate agents stepped away from the desk, where a long line had already congregated, and the pilot for our flight stepped up to check in pax. Looks like he was helping out in getting pax rebooked from the cancelled OGG-ORD flight.

We boarded the plane as he was getting on, and mentioned it to him. He chuckled something to the effect of he was earning his stripes, but actually mentioned that he was explaining the flight delays to the pax in line as he was checking them in. In any case, we thought it was a nice gesture.

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Funny you mention this. Last week I was ready to board a DFW-DCA flight, and the same type of thing happened. The agents had boarded the plane, and the only person behind the counter was a pilot. He willingly, and happily encouraged the line of people to approach the counter and answered their questions to the best of his ability.

I was very impressed by his attitude.
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Has something happened to/at the pilot's union??
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Middle_Seat:
Has something happened to/at the pilot's union??</font>
Why would APA object to pilots helping their passengers?

FWIW, pilots don't get any training on the CSR functions of the computer system so any skills a pilot has in that area were acquired on his own inititive.

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In the same vein, I was regularly impressed this past summer with American Eagle F/O's on the ALB-ORD run helping the ground crew to move Valet bags into the jetbridge after arrival. In fact, everybody I met, from the counter to the gate to the ground crew to the flight crew, was super-friendly and conscientious.

Hope those guys aren't hit with "No good deed goes unpunished" syndrome.

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Pilot's helping is a very common occrance in small airport with eagle feeders since their is never enough ground crew and in a sense of true customer service they help.
Well done
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Similarly, an AA pilot at CUN was checking ID's against BP's - this for a flight that was barely 25% full. He thanked each passenger for flying AA too - a nice touch.
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Hey, This is really cool!

Maybe we could have the GA's fly the planes next week and then the week after that we could have the FA's change out a few engines!

Cooperation like this will surely help AA get back on the track to financial stability!!!


BTW I too agree that the pilots helping out behind the counter IS a very nice gesture and would certainly be appreciated by the passengers!
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