Row 31 Seats. Aisle or Window Power [legacy 772]

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Row 31 Seats. Aisle or Window Power [legacy 772]

Hi All

This is my first ever post so please forgive me if im not in the right place to do so. I am Platinum, do 50k a year and going home to London using miles. Didnt want to use miles for Business seats and pay the extra tax but i do have Row 31 B going to LHR and 31 H coming back on a 777-200

Ive never sat in this config before. Im usually on the clunky old 767's. The question i have is, is the DC power port in the middle of the two seats or more on the side of the window seat? Im seeing conflicting reports on this. Some sites say its the middle and some say its more on the side o the window seat. If its in the middle i have a decent chance of getting onboard early and claiming that sucker, if its more on the window seat side, i would change my seat to A and J (both are available right now, an exec plat must have got his/her upgrade)

Any advice would be great
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Welcome to Flyertalk.

I believe that the power port (15v auto/cig lighter style) is between the seats.

In any event, nothing is to be plugged into the outlets for taxi/takeoff/landing, so there is no "claiming that sucker" during boarding.

Additionally, power ports are for sharing, and on a long-haul flight, there's no need to monopolize the power port for the entire flight. If you think you need it for the entire flight, it's time to buy a new battery that holds a charge.
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Sorry. My sarcasm probably isnt coming through. No tone and all that. Im a very polite business flyer that happily shares and takes others into consideration. That part was exaggeration. I want to at least be able to share and not have the port closer to the seat im not in. Im only asking as ive had conflicting answers on this and would like to hear from folks who have experience sitting in this config and seat

Thanks for the info and the welcome
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Not sure how up-to-date Seatguru is, but this shows power at seats 31A/J.
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Welcome to FlyerTalk.

This (soon to be "legacy") 772 / 777-223 ER still has the older 15 VDC 75 W "cigar lighter" plugs, accessible between seats. IMO not that many fly with the proper cord, so less chance for conflict. 75 Watts means there's no practical way to share with a "wye" adapter - even some older, more power thirsty (or inefficient power supplies) equipment the power available mean no charging during use or a power outlet reset.

More here.

The refurbished 772 (77D iirc) will have 5 VDC USB and 110 VAC (not sure about the Hz) able to take a variety of AC plugs.
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I always carry a portable battery that accepts a USB input just in case the seat power is not functioning on the plane (have had that happen). If you need to be guaranteed power for the full flight, then this is something to consider. Also, if you already don't have the power adapter, no need to invest in one - better to invest in a portable battery in my opinion.
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Im a Chiflyer too! Thanks for the advice and you Jdiver!

I already have the DC adapter which is becoming more obsolete now the MD 80's regrettably are being put into retirement. I have a strange computer, a Lenovo Helix (tablet laptop hybrid) and im wondering if they do such a thing. Is it an external battery that feeds power via usb on any laptop?

Also one more Q. I dont sleep on flights so am i best of choosing the aisle of this exit? It is wide open right now. I have heard the exit door is a little inhibiting. Im not a tall guy though so not sure i i will be affected
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