Moving to Sao Paulo - is AA still the best for me?

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Moving to Sao Paulo - is AA still the best for me?

Moving to Sao Paulo in a few months. Wondering if anyone had some advice for me as I am trying to figure out which FF program is best for me. Presently PLT on AA and a loyal customer. Will be staying with AA on the JFK-GRU flights (from NYC orginially).

What about the SA flights - is there a master list of all AA codeshare flights on TAM? Or should I just jump over to Varig and Star for all my SA flights?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Just use LanChile or LanPeru as your oneworld connection. You can earn elite qualifying AAdvantage miles on LanChile (and LanPeru).
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SA is one of the strong points of AA's worldwide network. AA services virtually every country on the continent, and oftentimes flies to multiple cities within each of those nations. In addition, AA has partnered with LA, SA's premier carrier, as well as TAM, IB, Southern Winds, and TACA, each of which offer a variety of destinations throughout the continent. Why would you ever consider switching?!?

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It really depends on two factors:
- first: will you be flying around South America? This is because you will have basically two options. The company born by the merge of Varig/TAM and LanChile and all its affiliates (LAN PERU, LAN ECUADOR, LAN DOMINICANA and etc).

-second: it is still unknown what will happen with the merge of Varig and TAM. Varig is affiliated with Star Alliance and TAM has no direct relationship with any group but some code shares with AA.

If you will mainly be flying to North America, no one can compete with AA. But if you are mainly flying within South America it becomes tricky because it is not that easy to fly LanChile to all LatAm countries departing from GRU and that is why I would definitely recommend to keep an eye on the outcome of the merge of VARIG and TAM.

I remenber having seen here some discussions specifically on that topic. Anyone can help me find it? (thanks)

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Brazilian biz associates of mine, who have been loyal Varig flyers for all the usual reasons (frequent upgrades in particular) have recently switched to American because of the deterioration of Varig in terms of maintenance and, consequently, on time service. On the GRU/JFK route they have averaged delays, in recent trips, of around three hours, with total cancellations not unheard of.
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Welcome to FlyerTalk, Rodmax
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I agree but let's not forget that although TAM had almost no international flights (I believe Buenos Aires, Miami and Paris only), they always had a top service and it is clear that independently of the results of the merge, TAM will definitely be defining the new standards of service.

It will also be interesting to see who is gonna win the contracts for the new jets since VARIG is Boeing all over, while TAM is AIRBUS.

PS.: Thanks, Viajera ;-)
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