I feel like I just won the Lotto

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I feel like I just won the Lotto

Last month when Wannago2BKK alerted FTers to the $600 ORD/NRT/BKK fares on his maiden post I jumped on it right away since I've been waiting all year for a cheap AA ff miles eligible fare to Southeast Asia for my vacation. I was thrilled when I got JFK/NRT/BKK on AA.com for $595. The next day I decided to splurge a bit & upgrade the transpacific segment with miles. I called the AA Platinum line, upgraded & the CSA told me that since the tickets had already been issued that I should take them to a CTO when they arrive & have them reissued. "Oh, and it looks like the fare went down a bit so we will issue a voucher for the difference."
I was taken aback since it was so cheap to begin with, I didn't even ask how much, I think I was afraid to jinx it. Hey $20-30 for the next trip, right? Today, more than a month after purchase I went to the CTO & got reticketed. I thought he seemed a little serious as he was typing away and printing. I mentioned the voucher.
He said "Yes...for $275."
"It's like you're going for free."
I kept my mouth shut and grabbed my tix & left. Later I examined them, same L fare basis as the originals, round trip...
The JFK/BKK fare comes to $313! I know, $275 (voucher) + $313 don't total the original cost of $595, but I've decided not to compain to AA
I have no idea what happened, I think my call to upgrade was just after midnight & I know that held fares get released around then. Does anyone else have one of these?

Now I'm toying with the idea of buying a cheap OW eligible fare out of BKK using baht & turning this into a semi mileage run to maintain PL status. Again thanks to all the FTers for sharing their tips.
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