American Advantage Not What It Used To Be

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American Advantage Not What It Used To Be

Last Year I warned that the American Advantage program was going down hill fast. Since then they eliminated the soft landing feature, all of their elite bonus mileage programs, most of their regular bonus mileage programs,(I think they have 6 or 7 now and mostly to places that no one wants to go and to get the bonus you usually need to book first or business class or full fare economy )and recently they eliminated the bereavement ticket discounts. I suppose we are not talking about squeezing money from the dead but bad, bad PR!! All of these changes took place at a time when the airline has been at it's most profitable place in years. They no longer seem to want or need their advantage elites. I see the most recent change eliminates a gold benefit that involves seating upgrades. what is next? The writing is on the wall and so far I have been spot on. The changes are a coming and everyone should think about using their accumulated mileage. Of course if you want a bonus program to Korea then everything is great! While we are at it what about a bonus mileage program to North Korea or Afghanistan. American can always come up with a cute title to sell the concept.I miss the old American. They made less money but they treated everyone better. The "new" American that is owned by the unions, U.S. Air and others needs to take a lesson from history. I know I traveled more on American then than I do now. P.s. do not bother responding to this thread as I do not read the responses.
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Have you looked at UA/DL? The grass is much browner on the other side
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New/interim AA has done nothing at all (yet) to cause me to reevaluate my preferred airline. I should say change my preferred airline, because I am always "evaluating." ....Look around and pick the best program that fits your needs/desires.

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Originally Posted by huteshab16 View Post
do not bother responding to this thread as I do not read the responses.
Then you won't mind me saying perhaps you should be flying Delta. Because by all accounts, SkyMiles members have it the best these days
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Originally Posted by huteshab16 View Post
P.s. do not bother responding to this thread as I do not read the responses.
Frankly, I've got no idea why you opted to post here if you're not interested in discussion. This is a forum after all. Rather than toss a grenade and drive off while the fire starts behind you, we'll just go ahead and close this thread down.

In the future, all members are urged to participate in a respectful and open way; this is what adds value to our ecosystem and fosters community.

Furthermore and ancillary to the above issue, this was not posted in the correct location. As AAdvantage is still operating as a distinct programme, this question is being moved over to pre-merger American Airlines forum for archival purposes.

All members, including the OP, are asked to take note of the sticky at the top of the consolidated thread which is titled Welcome to the New American Airlines Forum! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING. With all of the changes about, it is important to know where to post, and reading that thread before posting (as the title suggests) will help get you in the right place.

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