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I was going through the process of booking a flight on and a new entry field I hadn't noticed before showed up. Right under the space for the Corporate Identification Number, it asks me for an ARC/IATA Number. Can someone tell me what that is?!?

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ARC is the Airlines Reporting Corporation and IATA is the Int'l Air Transport Association.

Both organizations accredit travel agents (IATAN does it for IATA). They are registered through either or both and they receive a membership number. This number can be used for various discounts. I believe that any agent can get what is called a "75AD", which is 75% off any full fare. This works out to be not much for economy (since they can just book a discounted fare, often for less) but is a huge savings for biz and first class. There might be other discounts but I am not aware of their specifics.
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The ARC/IATA is for those agencies who have subscribed to the EAASYFARE program. Which entitles them to book AA.COM for their clients. According to the rules of AA.COM one cannot book for commercial purposes.
(Yes, even if it is to promote travel on AA. Quite baffling) So if an agency would like to have access to AA web fares and book on the AA site for their clients , they will sign their lives away into a onesided contract that will surely put them out of business in no time.
As far as booking AD75's for agents personal travel on the on the Web. Not going to happen anytime soon. That comes out of a whole different bucket. AA can only get 2 awards up at this point. I doubt if they are going to put any effort in promoting travel agent self booking (NONREV) on their site (as those are the very people they are trying to put on the street)
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by audio-nut:
I believe that any agent can get what is called a "75AD", which is 75% off any full fare. </font>
AD75/AD50/ID90/ID20's cannot be booked on The AD discounts are valid for IATA/ARC travel agents and the ID discounts are for airline employees, all are subject to eligibility and availability.
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