Tax refunds?

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Tax refunds?

I could have sworn I read something about this once before, but now I can't find it. Perhaps I made the whole thing up. Anyway, I've got an unused ticket, and there's no chance of me using it before it expires. I called to ask about a refund (it's a non-refundable). Of course, I didn't really expect a refund of the fare I paid. I was looking for a refund of the taxes/PFCs/security/immigration/blahblahblah fees. It was about $39.40 altogether. The thread that I can no longer locate said something to the effect of them refunding taxes but only if you ask. Most passengers assume the entire ticket is nonrefundable and hence never ask for this. I asked an agent on the phone, and she said she'd never heard anything about it. Any thoughts?
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I did this once, the agent had to transfer my call first to the refund department or somesuch.
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Wow -- this is amazing news. Something back is always better than absolutely nothing back!!

See for info; this page, however, does not talk at all about getting the amount in taxes refunded, but it does have a way to contacting the refunds department directly via email or via a toll phone number.
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BTW, interesting chart at . If you're on a $200 ticket with a connection, typically 25.6% of it is taxes and fees -- or $51.61!!!
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My only experience with a tax refund was an award ticket for foreign travel not used and the miles redeposited. The taxes involved were refunded after calling the AA ticket dept. in Oklahoma and providing the ticket number.
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Let's say my ticket is $99.50...the change fee is $100. Does AA (1) refund the taxes to your credit card; (2) no refund and claim you have to file a refund with the IRS since AA already remitted the taxes to the government; (3) no refund, treat the $99.50 as liquidated damages and AA claims an offset on its excise tax return so that it gets the taxes YOU paid. Anyone care to make a bet?
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Excellent thread over at DL: see
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