0 for 3 on advance transatlantic upgrade confirmations

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0 for 3 on advance transatlantic upgrade confirmations

Is this normal for a PLT or have they really tightened up? Is advance confirmation related in any way to the fare basis or is it purely YM release and status and position on waiting list?

I got a standby upgrade on an earlier flight for one of them. Does not seem to matter if the coach is near full or half empty or BC is half empty.

One problem with standby at the airport upgrades only is that if you have a domestic connecting flight prior to the transatlantic, you have to spend eletronic upgrades or fly coach while that upgrade would have been covered in the 25SS award.
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I just went through this for a trip to FRA in November. The return was available, but nothing on the outbound. I put the ticket on hold just to secure the return upgrade, and before I could even buy the ticket I had a call from AA the next day saying that the outbound upgrade had cleared as well. Oh well.

Also, you can usually call AAdvantage customer service and they will reinstate your e-upgrades if you end up using a 25SS over the pond. Had this happen before.
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I'm departing Wednesday October 2 on SJC-DFW-LGW and I'm still waiting for my one-way UG to clear. I am Platinum also. Your 0-3 stat isn't giving me a good feeling.

Only time will tell.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Only time will tell.</font>
That is the key. Who knows, you may get your upgrade in the end , or you may not.

The only way to guarantee that you get to be in J is to buy a J ticket.


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Isn't this just AA's way of trying to grab a fare paying passenger in the premium seats vs. those who want to upgrade? Therefore they clear the upgrades at the last minute.
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Well, that motivation existed earlier as well. Previously YM predicted how many seats they are likely to fill and released seats when they knew seats could not be filled. I don't think last minute fare paying behavior has changed in any way. The reasons for upgrades only at the last minute can be one or more of the following (based on what a lot of airlines are doing):

1. They don't want to miss a fare-paying passenger even in the statistically insignificant chance of a last minute purchase.

2. They want to provide upgrades based on fare basis in adddition to status rather than time of booking and status to encourage people to buy higher fares even when lower fares are available. They can do this in the way they release upgrades without making it a policy.

3. They want to make it difficult for people to get upgrades with the hope that people who really want it will pay for the seat to start with.

4. They may believe this will get them more expedite fee revenue.

5. They may be preparing for many canceled flights in which case paying customers need to be accommodated before upgraders.

Don't know which of the above reasons are true for AA at the moment.
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CAPLATINUM --- I'm flying the same flight from DFW-LGW on Wednesday....leaving from LAX to DFW.

I booked my flight and upgrade on July 25th..on that day it was the only flight from the US to the UK that had an available upgrade.

I'm on standby for a upgrade on my flight home to the US on Oct. 12

Good luck.
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As has been described here before (you can probably search for more info), full fare paying J pax complained to AA that there wasn't enough last minute flexibility - they couldn't get seats.

AA responded to this by tightening up on upgrades until the last minute. Good business decision if you ask me. You can still get the upgrades, you just have to wait. It's annoying, but I support AA's policy.

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I have used VIPOW certificates (booked in the same inventory as a mileage upgrade) on 14 international segments this year. 13 were confirmed at time of purchase (weeks out in all cases) and one was waitlisted, but cleared at least 2 weeks prior to departure.
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