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Spider Nov 2, 00 8:56 am

ARCHIVE: AA Celebrity Sightings and Related - 2000-2012
It seems according to UA forum that there have been a large number of celebs spotted on various United flights. What about on AA? Has anyone seen any celebs on American flights? What are your experiences?

sbrower Nov 2, 00 9:11 am

As noted on the United forum, much of this occurs on the transcon or international flights.

I am a bad one to ask, since I sat next to Carol Alt and didn't know she was until she told me. I only asked her because every other man in first class tripped on his shoes on the way to the lavatory while staring at her. (A model - then the Clairol girl in about 5 major women's magazines simultaneously). But, in my time, I have seen Leonard Nimoy, Ray Romano, Bob Hope, Raul Julia (asked him his name, when he gave me his seat, because I couldn't remember who he was), Fawn Hall and probably a few hundred others I didn't recognize.

freeupgrade Nov 2, 00 9:29 am

who really cares - no offense, they are just people.

lonman Nov 2, 00 11:02 am

on my redeye from sfo-mia this past sunday, sports announcer dick stockton was seated behind me (in 1st). then when i landed, i saw jose canseco waiting around to catch his flight to ny to be in the world series parade. he had mirrored shades on to be incognito, but walked around the terminal more than enough to be spotted.

0524 Nov 2, 00 11:31 am

In first class on AA transcons: Sally Field, Chris Rock, Charles Osgood, Andy Rooney, Dan Rather, Spencer Christianson and Gloria Rubens. Ms. Rubens, late of ER and now touring with Tina Turner, is a gracious and stimulating conversationalist.

jbird Nov 2, 00 11:40 am

A Oneworld partner....just flew back this past weekend from Venice to London on BA and sat in front of Mick Jagger.

jAAck Nov 2, 00 11:41 am

The LAX-JFK route is chock full of celebs. I've sat next to or near a few over the past couple of years: Farrah Fawcett, Cher, Sandra Bullock, Courtney Cox-Arquette, William Baldwin, Grace Jones, Tom Brokaw, Marlowe Thomas. On different routes, I've had flights with Rosie O'Donnell, Ann Richards (then governor of Texas), Troy Aikman, Pete Sampras.

Nicest were Ann Richards and Tom Brokaw. Rudest by a landslide was Marlowe Thomas - she got in a big argument with a FA about who was going to put her carryons in the overhead.

Weirdest was definitely Farrah Fawcett. For the whole flight, she'd argue with her assistant for about 15 minutes and then stalk off to the lavatory. After about 20 minutes, the assistant would go knock on the door and beg her to come out, and after 10 minutes of that Farrah would return to her seat. Then the whole thing would start over again!

Oh, I almost forgot. Last March I flew JFK-LHR on AA with Fergie. She boarded at the last minute, slept the whole way, and was escorted from the plane by security. When we were all standing up to deplane, though, she bashed my friend in the head with her carry-on! She was quite apologetic, though my friend was too thrilled to need an apology... Fergie might not be a princess anymore, but she still gets to bypass immigration and customs. Her people led her down the jetway stairs to a waiting car with police escort and off they went.

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wantok Nov 2, 00 1:44 pm

Well, my list is not nearly as distinguished, nor did I actually get their names. But here goes for fun anyways. I flew from London to Phx (2-flights) with the Olympic Pole Vault Gold Medalist last month. I only found out who he was because the local tv crews were waiting for him Phoenix. He was a real nice guy, but he didn't show us his medal.

The other psuedo celeb, was on a flight from ORD to PHX, where I sat next to the U.S. Attorney for Arizona. He was returning to Arizona after meeting with Janet Reno and President Clinton. He said he was there regarding the Illian Gonzalez case as an advisor. That flight was just a few days after they took him out of the house in Florida. He didn't really tell me all of the details, but he did feel that the situation could/should have been handled differently. Which I thought was a pretty cool thing to say as his current job is entirely dependant upon the democrats staying in office.

We continued to discuss everything else that was going on in the political arena. He is obviously democrat, but he was really open minded about the existing problems inside of Washington, the Democratic Party, and the entire Federal Government. For me it was one of the best 3 hour flights I've ever had.

SK Nov 2, 00 3:53 pm

On a flight from LAX to BOS this past August I was seating in first, having sticker upgraded just 3 hrs before the flight by phone. About 2 mins before the doors closed, after everybody had boarded, Bill Murray walks in with two carry ons. One FA greeted him and asked him where he was seated. "First Class, I'd hope", he said. But F was full by now. So he just proceeded and sat back in coach. A few minutes later the guy in front of me volunteered to trade his seat. The FA gave a look back at coach, and she told him, "no, he looks just fine where he is seated now".

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JIMBOLIGUY Nov 2, 00 4:36 pm

I have had three sightings that I know of. I have probably had more but did not realize it:

Regis Philibin -- LGA-ORD in 1st (on a Super-80 no less). Very friendly.
Tommy Lee -- BOS-ORD in 1st. Slept the whole way.
Oliver Stone -- JFK Admirals Club


ccengct Nov 2, 00 5:34 pm

Goldie Hawn at the LAX Admirals Club last

325CiC Nov 2, 00 6:10 pm

Ann Richards (ex-Gov of Texas) must really get around. I see her about every 2-3 weeks AUS<->DFW...usually in 1st but twice I saw her in coach - must have missed her connection.


325CiC Nov 2, 00 6:15 pm

I forgot Charlie Batch (Detroit Lions QB) in ATL (going to DET) the day after Super Bowl and sat in front of Jonathan Ogden (Baltimore Ravens OL) ATL to BWI also last year.

And this may be pushing it a bit, but I sat with the son of the Texas Rangers owner from PHL to DFW after the Republican convention (he is a close personal friend of our maybe-future prez in town for the convention).


TexAAs Nov 2, 00 7:09 pm

I saw Dolly Parton from Austin to Jackson, MS. about 10 years ago. I didn't even know it was her when I walked past her in F. She looked so completely different in person and "off duty".

AAPlatinum Nov 3, 00 7:48 am

BNA-LGA Dolly Parton

Transcon - Tom Brokaw, Mary Kay Place, Kurt Russell

LHR-JFK - Some fashion model who's name I don't remember

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