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Boston Celtics AA BOS->LAX for playoff finals

Norm Abrams (This Old House) BOS AC

Chelsea Clinton AA JFK->LHR
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danny glover, JFK ---> SFO. (it was a little starnge, because he was looking very glamorous on the cover of american way that month, but rather scruffy in person).

on a united flight a few months ago, flight attendants were fawning over eric mccormack (TV's "will" of will and grace). i was far more interested in another 70-something first class passenger... don adams (maxwell smart). both were being flown to new york for the big 75th birthday NBC gala.

it was a bit odd to see don adams (who you don't see that often anymore) and who forever lives in your mind as a 40-something maxwell smart. after all, we see everybody else in our lives age on an every day basis... so to see someone who you "know" so well look sort of familiar, but completely different - and thirty years older - was a bit of a shock.
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Forgot these:

- Sir Sean Connery LAX-MIA AA999
- Geraldo (TV Host) at the LAX AC

Funny one: A friend of mine was sitting next to this "dude in an orange robe" that was getting all the attention at the airport. He had no idea He was the Dalai Lama.

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Amy Grant - DFW to NRT
David Hyde Pierce - ORD to LAX
Luther Vandross - LAX to HNL
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Al Pacino in the LAX AC. He had a baseball cap and glasses (at 8am) and shorter than I expected, but still taller than me!

Joe Torres on a flight from ORD LAS December of the second year they won the Series. He ended up staying at our same hotel and we saw him gambling at a slot machine! (Desert Inn)

Bob Segar on a AE flight from Traverse City to ORD many MANY moons ago. That was the days of the Walkman craze and he asked me if I had any Bob Segar tapes -- told him I had left them at home this trip. We walked off the tarmac together where he went to order his limo and I took a city cab.

Croc Dundee (Hogan) and his wife Linda on a QF from Sydney to LAX. He looked tired from the long flight, she looked great.
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I suspect I can take the prize for being the WORST celebrity spotter :-)

Had a breakfast meeting with a producer friend of mine two weeks ago...

We're walking across the studio lot...

I am rambling on about something incredibly unimportant...

Suddenly my friend starts laughing and says:
"Funny, I thought every woman in America had an internal alarm go off every time they got within 5 feet of George Clooney."

...uhhhhhh....obviously except me :-)

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Last year, Johnny Cochran (O.J. Simpson lawyer), was on an AA flight I took from Dulles to LAX.
Also, a few years ago, I took Southwest Airlines (the cattle car of the sky) out of Burbank . Dick Clark (America's "oldest" teenager) was on the flight. For a guy who can easily afford his own private jet, or for that matter, his own airline, or travel first class in style, I still can't figure out why he was traveling with all us coach travelers in unassigned coach seats.
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Neil Young many times at AA baggage claim at LAX.

Terry Bradshaw San Jose to LAX

Maurie Povich ORD to LAX

Christina Applegate LAX to JFK (she and her female friend had two red coated agents bustle them through and preboard them in F before anyone else got on the plane. funny...they had walkie talkies)

Eric Stoltz LAX to JFK (in coach!!! and in a bad seat to boot! middle aisle seat about 3 rows back)

Sam Waterson JFK to LAX

System of a Down (the band) LHR to LAX

Dropkick Murphys (the band) LHR to LAX

(hed) PE (the band) LHR to LAX

Britney Spears AC at LAX

Lots of actors I recognize but can not name... 99% on the LAX to JFK...there's usually at least one celeb in F on the LAX to JFK flight...especially first thing in the morning or the redeye.
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Alice Cooper Maui to LAX in June. He was with his son. He was very nice, very approachable.I had just seen his commercial about spending time with your kids, very impressive. Joel Seigel was on the same flight.
Bruce Jenner Cos-Lax
John Elway and wife Den - Lax - PSP two years ago.
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AA from Miami to NYC, Enrique Iglesias (twice) right next to me.

Defying topic categorization, I seem to run into a bunch of people like Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis, etc. on Delta Shuttle between LGA and DCA. A whole slew of politicos and bureaucrats and diplomats and business execs and my favorite General Wesley Clarke are there too.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by 777Brit:
That reminds me, Jennifer Aniston AND Mark Thatcher (Maggie Thatcher's son), on the same JFK-LAX flight. Jennifer looked fantastic, Mark, um, begged for an upgrade. </font>
I sincerely hope that it was rejected.

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Funny, I see them all the time and can't remember who right now except for the most recent, as above post, Enrique Iglesias, who was greeted by a throng of fans with cameras at the baggage area at JFK.

My BEST celeb airline experience (can't recall whether it was AA or TWA) was seeing Katharine Hepburn pulling her own baagage off the rounder at JFK about 20 years ago. She was wearing a red buffalo plaid jacket and khakis and resisted any help from her limousine driver. That tiny little fabulous actress yanking huge bags off the conveyor...what a sight!

Oh....also remember Davy Jones (of Monkees) going through security at LHR years ago...boy is he short! But still a cutie!

I seem to see many musicians. (Also flew with Joni Mitchell and Jon Bon Jovi) Must be the hours I choose to fly!
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Another few I remembered...Maria Shriver, AA109, LHR-BOS. Very nice indeed...

Also, Rick Flair, 'The Undertaker', 'The Brooklyn Brawler', 'The British Bulldog' and other WWF stars, back in 1993, AA156, ORD-STN. (STN=London Stansted)
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MIA-SJU - (1996/7?) Ricky Martin before he hit it big in the US. Didn't know who he was, or why it took so long to get my pre-departure drink. All the flight attendants were fauning over him.

GIG-MIA - Half of the presidents of Central America were attending a Latin American Financial Conference.

LAX-MIA - 2000 - Burt Reynolds, both in the ADM Club and on the plane (in P on a 777). Had to show him how to use the swivel seat. Burt had an AA rep take him from the club to the plane, I did not.

MIA-DFW - 2001 - Don Shula. I was going to Vegas, he was going to San Francisco to watch the Dolphins play.

Wonder how many more people I would have seen if I could get into the Flagship Lounge...

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"Special Services"???? Does anyone know if you have to ask for it or is it offered simply based on your "celebrity". Not every "star" seems to get it; I have seen a few unaccompanied celebs standing in line, albeit First Class, racing through terminals to make connecting flights, or simply waiting at baggage claims. If there is any information floating out there on the internet similar to the EXP, PLT websites, please pass it along...Thanks!

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