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David Schwimmer (Ross on "Friends") on the in-airport LAS shuttle train on the way to an AA flight to LAX. He was trying to pass incognito, so I couldn't resist asking if he and his buddies had had any luck....

He wasn't too amused. Guess it was a rough weekend in Vegas for him!

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That reminds me, Jennifer Aniston AND Mark Thatcher (Maggie Thatcher's son), on the same JFK-LAX flight. Jennifer looked fantastic, Mark, um, begged for an upgrade.
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Drew Carey on AS YVR-LAX
Brittney Spears at SJC Admiral's Club - she is smokin' !!
Prince al Malik something or the other of Dubai, UAE AA 65 ZRH-JFK
Kimberly Williams AA 1819 MIA-POS (coach!!)

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Lady Bird Johnson on a DFW-BOS flight. She had the window seat, a big Secret Service guy sat next to her in the aisle seat. Another Secret Service agent was behind her.

After the flight I unexpectedly ran into her in the AC. What a delightful lady. She said she goes up to New England every summer for a vacation. (This was 2 years ago, before her stroke).
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Harry Hamlin, Lisa Renna, and their kids checking in at PDX. They accidentally left about a dozen bottles and sippy cups at the security checkpoint.
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Forgot to add Buddy Hackett from LGA to YYZ in F; he told jokes the entire flight (and consumed three double G+Ts).
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A couple of weeks ago, the entirety of the Kansas City Wizards MLS team at LAX, while I was waiting for an LAX-RNO flight. I didn't ask them how their game in LA went, seeing as I had read a bit before that they'd lost.

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I have met many celebrities in my hotel days: too numerous to list here.
I've never seen anyone on AA.
The only one I ever saw on a plane was on a TWA flight STL to DEN:
Bill Nye "the Science Guy"
I guess he's a celebrity, sort of. He was in F I was in coach.

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Forgot one. Mohammad Ali in F from ORD to LAS. I walked next to him through the entire airport. He, his wife and his body guard (I'm assuming) were all very friendly.

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Most recently: (a few weeks ago)

Simon Cowell. (Judge and creator of "American Idol") American Airlines Admiral's Club. LAX, terminal 4. I was sitting at the bar. He walked up an ordered a Sprite.
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Pete Rose

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Walter Cronkite DFW Admirals Club
Henry Kisinger, with an entire entourage, on WN no less on a very late night flight from Love to Hobby.
Donna Shalala, while HUD Secretary in coach DCA-DFW.
Lady Bird Johnson, in AA FC with bodyguards, but extraordinarily cordial to everyone.
Bob Crandall is still the best. Several times in FC with him. We always got great service when he was on board.
Lots of Texas congressional delegation members.
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Rene Russo
Asia Argento
Hootie (Without the Blowfish)
Ralph Kiner
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Alfred Hitchcock (1975), Joan Baez, Willie Mays (sp?), Jesse Jackson, Larry King. All traveled in First except Jesse Jackson.
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Erik Estrada - BNA-DFW - Y - Had been in BNA for some AAL promotion. Worn a leather jacket and tight jeans and looked like his CHiPs character 20 years older. Drew lots of attention.

Jim McMahn - CAE-BNA - Eagle - Sat in the exit row on a J32 and "acted" asleep on the early morning flight to avoid interaction. This was back around '92 or '93 when his football career was more recent.

Billy Dean - DFW-BNA - F - Country artist, sat next to me. I didn't recognise him but had noticed that a number of passengers in coach had boarded with guitars, as had he, so I asked him about it. The others were his band but only he upgraded. Very nice guy, enjoyed the conversation.

Garth Brooks - BNA-DFW - F - Traveled with another gentleman. Garth was dress in flashy western clothes including hat so was easy to pick out in the terminal. Drew lots of attention.

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