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Charlie Pride at LGW first class check-in line; we were in coach.

Vince Gill in first class from Nashville to DFW; we were in coach.

Bob Goen, host of Miss USA Pageant, in first from DFW to LAX; the pageant had another major airline as a sponsor but he was on AA. We were in coach.

Bob Crandall in first from DCA to DFW; we were in coach.

Joseph Jackson (father of Michael, Janet, LaToya, Reby, Marlon, Jackie, Jermaine, Randy, and Tito) in business from DFW to Paris Orly (May 1993). We were in business (op. upgrade). The news featured in the in-flight video had a clip on LaToya and we turned to watch his reaction. The other highlight of the trip was when Mr. Jackson helped my mother get her bag from the overhead.

Stevie Ray Vaughn - he was flying but not in a plane; he used our bathroom when making a pitstop between Dallas and Austin; my brother was his room mate and band mate at the time.

Over 2,000,000 AA miles and these are all the celebrity sightings I can remember.

Over 2,000,000 miles and that
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One of the Baldwin brothers (I think it was Billy) in the F check-in line at LAX, b*tching about his girlfriend not getting upgraded.

Tim Robbins at the LAX AC early one morning. Between the sunglasses, open shirt and mussed up hair, he bore a distinct resemblance to his Nuke Laloosh character in "Bull Durham" the morning after his first encounter with Susan Sarandon's Annie Savoy

Terry Bradshaw (I think it was after an NFL playoff game), MSP-DFW

A host of lesser-known PGA Tour golfers (the ones that can't quite afford their own jets yet ) on Monday mornings immediately following PGA Tour events in their respective cities.

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Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker in First
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Bruce Willis, Stevie Nicks (sat next to her).

Back in the 747 2-class days I was flying JFK-LAX, Flight 21. There was myself and one other fellow in F, the remaining 30+ seats were empty. The lead FA told me that Elton John and his band and minions had bought out the rest of the F cabin but would only be taking 20 or so of the seats. Departure time came and went, no Elton. The Special Services rep came aboard and said they were "on their way", and asked the captain to wait. He did. For about forty minutes. Then he came downstairs told the gate agents to button up, he was leaving. The special services guy was apoplectic - " HAVE to wait!" "No, I don't" he said and he didn't.

Needless to say, the other fellow and I in First had a wonderful flight, consuming a great deal of the special catering, drinks and food, that was aboard for Elton.
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Anne Richards on several AUS<->DFW hops.

Ran into (not literally) Lions QB Charlie Batch in ATL.

Flew ATL-BWI with an unidentifiable Baltimore Raven - he was approached for several autographs. I am a Buffalo Bills fan, so I was unimpressed .

But the true highlight must be my flight ATL-AUS with FlyerTalker and co-worker Comet

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Former President Clinton on USS 6874, DCA-LGA, on many Fridays. He goes in through the exit from security, as does his gang.
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Annette Benning and Warren Beatty in the ORD FL.

Wesley Snipes in F JFK/LAX.
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James Woods on a flight from JFK-LAX.

BIG Ed McMahon on a flight from ORD-LAX, he
had his young daughter with him. He stood around and got his
own baggage from the carousel and was met
out front by someone in a black SUV.
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I also saw Peter Boyle in 1st JFK-LAX. Funniest thing - he was sitting across the aisle from me, and there was a woman (unrelated to Peter) next to him. On the screen they start showing Everyone Loves Raymond, and the woman, looks at the screen, then back to Peter, then back to the screen, and then finally asks him if that is him. It was really funny.

Also flew with Geraldine Feraro (and husband) JFK-SJU morning after Thanksgiving in 1st.
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Carol Channing at LAX AC, no way could you miss that voice. Roger Clinton LAX-DFW in F, very talkative.
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Maura Tierney (Lisa Miller on NewsRadio, Abby Lockheart on ER) flying in F from LGA to ORD...she's as cute in real person as she is on TV.

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Hank Azaria and William Macy separate times in the LAX T3 AC. From what I hear the LAX AC's are great places to happen across a celebrity.
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All in first class:

Carol Alt (Back in the days when they gave me "walk on" upgrades for *every* flight from LAX, agent says to me "Take 1A, you will like 1A" - I had no idea who she was until I asked her why everyone was staring, and she showed me that she was on the cover/inside cover of about 4 different women's magazines that month)

Bob Hope

Richard Simmons

Raul Julia (embarassed myself by saying "I recognize your face, but who are you?" as he moved out of my seat)

Ariana Huffington

Billy Graham

Various politicians who I don't care about, but everyone else seemed very impressed

Peter Graves

Michael Gunn

William Ginsburg (this one isn't really fair - we worked together for 15 years)

Drummer from Whitesnake

Ray Romanno

Fawn Hall (who had just married a friend of mine)

Leonard Nimoy (in the LAX AC)

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Just remembered the following:
Bob "Come-on-Down" Barker
Helen Hunt
RuPaul (out of drag)
John Belushi

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Katie Couric LGA/ORD in Admirals club and then first.

She worked with an female intern[?] for most of the flight?
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