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On a LAX-BOS flight, Courtney Love emerged from first class peeping through the curtains for about a minute. Then she slowly walked to the back of steerage, spun around and walked back, disappearing into fc.

She was with a green-haired guy.
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Celeb Sightings on AA

I sat next to Justin Wilson (I Ga-ron-tee) MSY-ORD
I sat next to Chris Evert(I didn't know who she was) ORD-PBY

Both were wonderful conversationalists

Airport sightings
John Denver ORD(years ago obviously)
Frank Gifford ORD (pre scandal)
Bernadette Perters DFW
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Sat with Geraldo Rivera in the downstairs gates in terminal A for a weather-delayed AE flight from DFW to MKE for about 30 minutes. I noticed him about a half hour earlier upstairs before they changed our gates as several people approached him (he was sitting quietly, reading a book) and asked for autographs...I had heard he was rude, and was surprised to see that he was gracious and pleasant to everybody...including me, when he sat down near me after the gate changed, and made pleasant conversation until boarding time.

From our conversation, I knew he was late for a speaking engagement in Milwaukee as a result of the flight delay. I had preferred seats near the exit, while he was seated much farther back. I asked the FA to offer my seat to him so the he could deboard quickly and make it to his speech as close as possible to the starting time. As it turned out, the seat in front of me was vacant, so the FA moved him, and he was the first off the plane...and very appreciative of the courtesy. He hadn't even asked for assistance.

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Last year during football season, I had the pleasure of sitting right in front of James Brown from Fox sports, on a flight from lax to Iad. He refered to his trip as a 5 hour subway trip to work, in a joking manner. Was an extremly nice man. The flight attendants even told him that since he was on a diet, he couldn't have eggs, just fruit and cereal. Apparently he flies that trip alot, since the coach flight attendants even came by to say hello!
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The best celebs by far travel on American...

Two years back on a JKF-LAX flight, Penny Marshall. Incredibly gracious lady... While walking around the first class cabin, she sparked up a conversation with a couple seated behind her. And, when the flight attendants had trouble with the audio-visual system, she offered to help them fix it...

Two months ago, in the LAX Admirals club, Julia Roberts... Bumped into her as I was looking for a cubicle and a phone line. She was working on her laptop...

I have spotted so many other celebs at the Admirals Club at LAX, particularly after major adwards shows that I don't even pay much attention anymore when it happens...
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Best I've done is sitting a couple rows behind Pedro Martinez on a BOS-MIA upgrade. Really nice guy -- was willing to take tons of pictures with guys coming up from coach (give the flight attendants some kudos for being cool with this too) and was autographing and playing games with this cute 6 or 7 year old a row in front of him. Dumb me deciding I didn't want to sit in an aisle on the trip -- my original seat was actually next to him.
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Last night IAH-DFW, Mayor Brown from Houston (not S.F.). Why is he not supporting local CO? Mmmm ...

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Al Pacino was by far the weirdest celebrity I have ever flown with.

It was well over 100 degrees in Dallas when boarding a DFW-LAX flight at high noon on a Sunday.

He was wearing a full-length black wool trench coat and a cap. He sat one row ahead of me and kept his face pressed against the window for the entire flight, refusing to speak to anyone(not that there is anything wrong with wanting to be left alone, but he wouldn't even acknowledge the FA's presence when they asked if he would like a drink, food, etc.)

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2 weeks ago ran into Bob Barker from the Price Is Right going from LAX to BOS. He kept flirting with the FA's. I guess at his age he puts the Viagra to good use.
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AA Celebrity Sightings and Related (consolidated)

A bit off topic (unless the pooch is getting miles) but in all my years of flying, I saw something I had never seen. During the boarding I watched a dog - on a leash - walk down the aisle. Another passenger asked how this was possible, and was told the dog was going to sit in a purchased seat! The dog was clearly too large for an underseat carrier.

Later I was told the pooch was a 'celebrity' dog - and there are special rules for them.

I love dogs, and I could just see me taking my pooch in the main cabin sitting on a seat next to me - Golden Retriver - no problem - loves people and has great bladder control.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Does anyone know what the rules are?

By the way, it was the childs diaper three rows back that needed changeing....the dog was perfect.

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As someone who is severely allergic to cats and dogs, I am not fond of animals in the passenger cabin (I do love animals, just cannot be around them). But, rather than raise a stink about it needlessly, whenever I have someone who sits next to me with a pet (always has been in a cage - I have never seen a celebrity pet yet!), I quietly gain the attention of the flight attendent and ask to be moved to another seat at least a few rows away. This always works and doesn't upset anyone.
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i was seated next to former labor secretary robert reich a few months ago and i switched seats to have a row to myself. i guess he's a celebrity (and not much larger than a golden retriever), but i'd still rather have the seat next to me empty.

in the case of a celebrity retriever, i would switch seats because of my allergies. if there weren't any empty seats, i would softly meow until i'd worked the retriever into a frenzy, and then wait for the FA to escort the retriever off the plane for unruly behavior.

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What happens if the pooch is selected for random screening?

More importantly, how can we be certain no one unkown to the dog has asked him to carry any items?
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I saw a TV special about AA at LAX, and one of the stories they captured was the dog from Frazier making a transcon trip. Apparently he commutes weekly beteen LAX and JFK. He always travels with his "trainer" and they always have two P seats. His seat is covered with a towel so the sheepskin seats won't become dogfur seats.
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I know that specially designated service dogs can go in the cabin and don't have to be caged. A woman at my local dog park said I should go to an office nearby who does such things and have my dog certified as a service dog. But my German Shepherd is just too friendly and frisky to be in the cabin...she's sweet but would be a nuisance. I assume even service dogs don't fly for free, so perhaps they have to have a purchased seat.
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