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Last night, George Hamilton was in front of my at the x-ray machine (taking forever to go through), in the b concourse in IND. He was on the 7 PM flight to STL on the way to LAX, while I was on the 7:25 to DFW, also on the way to LAX. Yes he was tan, but boy was he old. The TSA agent said to him, "I normally work in LA. I think I have seen you there. " He never said that to me!

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My own little celebrity sighting.

Sitting here in ORD AC now on my way home from a conference SEA-DFW-ORD-MKE. Just arrived on Flt 66 from DFW and I was lucky enough to get a last minute sticker upgrade into F on the 777 !

Anyway, I was sitting next to a gentleman who I initially thought was a regular on the flight b/c of the cordial interaction between him and the FAs. Then, towards the end of the flight, I noticed he was writing down what appeared to be a list. As we were touching down, I got up the nerve to strike up a 2 minute conversation with him and he introduced himself as none other than Mr. Ed Brennan!

We briefly touched on the 757 and A300 conversions which he said looking at the numbers, there was just no way that MRTC could cut it in the Carribean and low fare leisure markets.

I had mentioned how nice it was to see a new ethusiasm among the employees lately. He agreed that many people at AA are really starting to pull together he also had good things to say about Arpey.

We briefly discussed the shareholders meeting today that I was going to run over to during my layover, but my stay got cut short.

During part of the he was actively engaging the FAs and listening to what they had to say about certain issues. Even gave his email out to one of the FAs that came up from the back....notable b/c was not "first name . last name".

He also stated that AA has gone through one of the most difficult times he's ever seen a company go through.

Also said there were a lot of issues to deal with and everyone wants to be heard... and despite being up for the past 30 hours I was still sharp enough to remark "If you're looking for a website where you can get some good feedback from your customers you should go to FLYERTALK.COM " ... and he wrote it down on his list .

Seems like a great guy and if my two minutes with him were any indication, AA is about to go from it's darkest moment in history into it's brightest.

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Great to hear that! Hopefully things won't be as bad as we think.

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Celebrity Sighting (Sort of)

I was just talking to Troy from the reality show "The Apprentice" in the security line at LAX this morning.

We merged at document control, he was in the coach line.......guess no celebrity status after "You're Fired"!!!

Very nice young man who was enjoying his "15 minutes".


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On our BA SFO - LHR, Christiane Amanpour was aboard a couple of weeks ago. Maybe the exception to what so appropriately are called, in the UK, "newsreaders".
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Not exactly on an AA flight - he was on one, but not mine - I saw James Earl Jones at LGA this past Feb.

Someone had breached security in Concourse D (AA concourse) and the whole thing had to be emptied out and re-screened (we had just checked in). The line went all the way down to the other end of the CTB, past Concourse A, and then back again up to Concourse C or thereabouts. Jones didn't look especially happy but then I don't know who did. Mind you he looked like he saw it as a necessariy evil. That was how you could pick out the even somewhat frequent flyers from the once-every-five-years crowd... This was during the February school holidays so there was a more than usual concentration of inexperienced travellers who simply didn't know what was going on, and they were pretty angry. It WAS a big mess, and I really can't blame these people since they obviously didn't know why this was happening and without an explanation it is the kind of thing that could make one pretty annoyed!

Comic relief was provided by a group of very naive looking young women who walked up, staring in disbelief at the long line, and asked in all seriousness, "Is this the line for the bathroom"?
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Conan Obrien, AA118 in F today, LAX-JFK (I was in business and didn't know he was up there until he and I bumped into each other on disembarking. He said, "Sorry". I said, "That's okay, I'll just have to come watch your show." He said, "That sounds like a threat!" I said, "No, it's a promise!". And then I said "see you later".
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Anderson Cooper, CNN Reporter, AC in Paris AA#121 CDG JFK F Sun 03/28/04
Alisha Keyes, Singer/Songwriter, AC in Paris AA#121 CDG JFK F Sun 11/09/03
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Adrien Brody - AC at JFK 30/3/04

Didn't draw attention to himself except for the fact that he had a tiny dog in his arm which he put on the floor and then proceeded to run up and down the AC with. Maybe it's the stars' way of combatting DVT.
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Originally Posted by jAAck
As previously posted in a similar thread...

More recently, sat behind Liza and her new husband and across the aisle from Dionne Warwick on a redeye LAX-JFK. They didn't even acknowledge each other, but then I saw a newspaper item about Dionne being at the Liza wedding just a few days later. Kinda weird...
So who had the redeyes and who had the black and blue eyes??
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Courtney Love: A Meeting In The Ladies Room

A little moral tale from a reader, in which Kim Cattrall, George Pataki, and Courtney Love meet at the airport and the fabric of space-time begins to collapse.
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Mike Modano "F" MIA->DFW 757 yesterday. (He is a top-tier hockey player w/ the Dallas Stars.) He was quite polite.
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A slimmed-down Al Roker was in the LAX Admiral's Club on Saturday.
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Originally Posted by AAJetMan
Mike Modano "F" MIA->DFW 757 yesterday. (He is a top-tier hockey player w/ the Dallas Stars.) He was quite polite.
I saw Modano and Kristy Swanson flying to LAX from DFW. This was back when he was dating her. In fact, this was less than a week after the Stars lost to the Devils in the Cup Finals.

LAX to LAS I sat behind Samuel Jackson in first.

I was picking up mother in law from DFW and Bill Walton was at baggage claim. He was in town to broadcast a Mavs game the next game.

Pseudo celebrity: Sat next to NBA ref Joey Crawford IAH to DFW. He said the NBA doesn't give first class seats so he flies AA for MRTC when possible. However, he does upgrade on flts longer than IAH-DFW.
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