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It seems that there is this silent VIP status among EXP. My boss is EXP but attained it through 100% paid first class travel - domestically and internationally. He is routinely greeted at the airport and often receives stuff like chocolate chip cookies Fed Exed to his home. Obviously there are EXPs and then there are extremely high revenue EXPs. Would make sense that they would treat him differently. He's worth about $200,00 a year in revenue to them.
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As the travel agent of a very high profile celebrity, I might add that her VIP status continues to be displayed in Sabre along with her frequent flier information. It reads as * VIP/GLD/RBY *. This is a person that travels about 5 times a year in paid business class on AA, mostly on the transcon or european flights. Definitely not one of AA's most valuable customers as far as revenue goes, but still designated as a VIP nonetheless.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by JSD:
... and when you qualify, they'll contact you, not the other way around. </font>
"Don't call us, we'll call you."


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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by FewMiles:
AA does have a VIP level, just like most airlines do. It's all very hush-hush though. If you have to ask about what benefits it brings, however, that is a sure sign that you do not qualify for it.



A newspaper article last year claimed that on AA you can qualify for VIP status a number of different ways, but one of them is flying over 300,000 miles/year. One major new benefit mentioned was being greeted and escorted on all connections (a benefit normally only available on international first class service).
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300k miles/year is nonsense, the current VIP flag is based on revenue, in my case from only about 150k actual miles last year. The meet/greet service WAS done pretty regularly back with the Top Platinum program but is not done anymore on domestic flights UNLESS premium services (ex special services) has your name on a "list" and/or they are called ahead of time. Handling on international flights seems to vary by station, I am frequently totally ignored at MIA, but get the red carpet rolled out at ORD, LHR, LGW, there seems to be little rhyme or reason to it.

The random gifts that get sent out are a marketing/sales effort, they aren't necessarily some "VIP" perk. I have seen various books, AA ramekins and other logo items, nut mix.

flyboy443, I don't know anything about "high profile celebrity" handling or how they determined this year who to keep flagged as "VIP" for that reason, is that something that you or your AA sales rep requested at some point? If this is someone that needs hand-holding through the airport, I would guess that premium services gets called in advance, because there are still a good number of VIP tags around (and they certainly don't automatically wait by curbside for my arrival when I am traveling!)

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I flew with one of our busy managers in an international office of a consulting firm and he got meet and greets a couple of times. Maybe just a slow day in Miami.

I am fine with AA giving better service to the EXP's who spend the $$--I got my status on $25K and have been very happy with it.
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Howdy folks,

Can anyone give me an idea of what sort of revenue we are talking about (roughly) for VIP level?

I'm curious - doubt I'd make it, as I'm new to AA and may not even make EXP this year (it'll be close). But like I said, I'm curious if anyone knows.

Keep the faith,


p.s. I would think my revenue would be between 75k with AA by the time this year ends
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by chipper:
I flew with one of our busy managers in an international office of a consulting firm and he got meet and greets a couple of times. Maybe just a slow day in Miami.</font>
I have been met and greeted twice. Very nice experiences both times. It was either a slow day in BOS and ORD, as chipper suggests, or their computer pulls your name out of the hat every so often.

For what it's worth, I'm a "bargain EXP." No big revenue generator for AA - though if you count all the people I drag along, directly or indirectly, it adds up to a lot. Still, I do the butt-in-seat time and appreciate the recognition.
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I was "met and gret" once when my flight into DFW was early and my connection out was late. The golf cart was waiting when I got off the plane to take me to the AC and I was escorted in. I was so suprised by this that I never bothered to ask why I was getting this treatment.

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I've been greeted twice at DFW, both times after traveling from LGW (once in paid first, once in first using a VIP upgrade).

They didn't really do a whole lot except hold up a sign with my name, then ask me how my trip was.

It was a nice touch.
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Much of the Senate/House leadership here in DC has been conferred a VIP designation by UA and is treated as such at IAD, mostly using their VIP check-in/lounge suite in the C/D concourse. I work with one of them and have seen several others there while at IAD with him. The benefits are not 'by the book' however, as they vary depending on need, etc. They never seem to wind up in coach, in any case!
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I saw a great piece on the Discovery Channel (I think) recently about private jets, and how travel on commercial airlines by "super-celebrities" and the super-rich is now virtually nonexistant due to airport hassles, security and privacy issues, etc. Private jets are much more private, convenient and luxurious - if you can afford it.

This being the case, it would seem that AA and the other majors need to refine and perhaps expand upon their offerings to their premium clientele. And I think they are - little things, like elite security lines, premium lounges, and special services meet 'n' greets do a good job of ensuring the return business of the affluent and "sub-super celebrities." One thing that I LOVE is being welcomed and addressed by name by FAs, often even when I am just on a 45-minute Eagle flight.

Bottom line, people want to FEEL like a VIP whether they are or aren't. I think AA's done a good job of identifying their best customers, and I think it's the little things, moreso than the standard stuff (like upgrades, special offers, bonuses, etc.) that would make a true "VIP" want to fly AA versus another commercial airline or their own private jet.

[Edited to add:

P.S. First celebrity airport sighting? Alan King, JFK, when I was 8 years old. ]

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