Concerned abotu a booking made on

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Concerned abotu a booking made on

I made my first booking on Monday. DFW-FPO-DFW in July.

It wasn't a smooth process, but I got all of my credit card onfo in. shows it as an upcomming reservation. If I click the "Purchase" button, it tells me it has already been ticketed. Usually, this means everything is set, and the ticket has been paid for. But if I go to and enter the locator code and mey last name, it can't find it.

So, do I have just a reservation or an actual ticket? Should I call AA to verify? I book online all the time, just not via I've never had a problem. I'm jsut a bit concerned that this ticket isn't paid for and that I will lose the good fare I thought I booked.
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Just give a call to AA reservations and ask them what it shows. If there is a ticket number, then it's ticketed for sure. If you're still unsure, you can also call the web help desk at (800) 222-2377. They should be able to fix this without much problem.
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Virtually there does not find AA.COM reservations. Weird but true.
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Ok. I called AA. Used the number on my Platinum card. Tried to use the infuriating menus and voice recogniziton, but it didn't work.

Ughhh!!! I hate that. Listen to the spiel about web fares and how the call may be monitored. Listen to the options. Press a few buttons. Then, it prompts you for AAdvantage number, departure city, arrival city, departure time, one piece at a time. It couldn't get the departure time right. Kept say 11:30 AM. It thought I said 1:11 AM. Ughhh!! transfers me to an agent. She was able to quickly confirm everything. My ticket is paid for.

I hate that voice prompt crap!!! Grrrrr.... I don't see how anyone thinks this is faster than talking to someone directly to start with.

I guess this is what lowly Platinum members get.
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Although I haven't tried this myself yet, I understand that if you say "Agent" immediately when prompted for your AAdvantage number, you are connected to a live agent & can forego any other prompts. I used to have problems with the voice prompt on my AAdvantage number, but using words in place of the letters has taken care of that. HTH...

- Anna
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whenever you make a booking on or through reservations they set up the intial ticketing process it is sent over to the ticketing dept. and they handle cc verification and then issue the ticket.. When you clicked purchase on under the review cuurent reservations link, it said it was ticketed because you've authorized the's weird..normally the ticketing process takse a few minutes. If the computer can't verify the info then a human has to take care of it and that could be what's causing the delay..
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tickets purchased directly through aa are not stored in the public part of sabre so you will never be able to see them through -- or something like that. In any case, it should never cause concern. Also, I believe that when you get an email from, that should occur once the ticketing process is completed. However, I've noticed that if you make a reservation and then later purchase the ticket, you get an email once the reservation is complete, but not one at ticketing.
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AA does not use Sabre, so you can't see the tickets on virtually there.
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IMHO...I know for a fact that AA uses SABRE.. they just don't own SABRE anymore. Just think back on bookings made on the old whenever you got a pricing error it would say something like Error no 530..Sabre reported error string...blah blah blah..they do use SABRE. :-))
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Go to Log in. Click the Travel Planning tab at the top left. Click Review Current Reservations, the fifth item under Travel Planning Information. It should be there.
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AA definitely DOES use Sabre! If not, I'm out of a job.....

Please note, SABRE is now Sabre.

It used to stand for Semi Automated Business Research Environment.
Now it's just the company name.

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